Drunk David Hassellhoff...pretty funny

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5/17/07 1:10:28PM
5/18/07 4:30:01AM
I almost pissed myself laughing when I read this at work, as thats exactly what I did the first time I got drunk.
5/18/07 10:18:44AM
The Puppet version
Just found this.
5/18/07 11:37:45AM
Don't hassel the hoff!
5/18/07 12:20:31PM
He's ******* pathetic. Drunk like that in front of his family...what kind of man is that??!? It sounds like it's not the first time either.

I hope he gets his shit together or that his kids find a new, better dad.

Other than that. Hilarious vid.
5/18/07 2:22:25PM
yes unfortunatly he is a alcoholic...he asked him daughter to video tape him the next time he got drunk to remind him of what he looks like...Hopefully being viewed by 2 million vieweres and being all over the news he will stop..I give props to his daughter for doing that.....What would of been great is if she put him in a arm bar...LOL
5/19/07 10:23:41AM
You must not forget. This is the man that brought us Baywatch. (and Night Rider).
5/20/07 3:17:07AM
lol....he used grey goose vodka for the fuel for Kit on knight rider.. Kit always sounded drunk also
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