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POLL: favotrite beer???
bud light 17% (5)
budweiser 23% (7)
keystone light 3% (1)
miller lite 17% (5)
coors light 7% (2)
heineken 33% (10)
3/24/07 2:46:17AM
They've got tons and tons of brews. Mad Monk Ale is supposed to be good, and they have some kind of dark chocolate stout thats supposed to be good. If the damn specialty beer store was open when I was in town I'd pick some new stuff up, but they never are.
3/24/07 6:28:47PM
MacEwan's Scotch Ale, hands down.If you haven't tried it, you have no idea what you're missing.Plus it's something like 8.2%.
3/24/07 10:30:49PM
Don de Dieu! Its a wheat beer (like Hoegaarden) from Quebec. Its strong (9%) but tastes great.
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