UFC 86 Drug Tests Clean

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7/11/08 8:24:58PM
NSAC executive director Keith Kizer has announced that all fighters given drug tests after UFC 86 have passed their tests. 8 fighters were tested in all.

7/12/08 4:50:45AM
Good. I just did an 1500 word essay on Steroids in MMA. I made a comment at the end where I thought that more fighters were going to take responsibility for getting clean, and staying clean, and would hate for that to be proved wrong. Damn Noguiera already went and failed, since I wrote the essay.. I can live with one though.. More then that, and I will feel like the essay was a waste of time.
7/12/08 6:55:38PM
Defnately not a waste bro....less people notice the good news vs the bad. Test are there just to make sure that the playing field is leveled. People are quick to notice when they are failed and then point the finger, but rarely (exception you) notice that 99 out of 100 passed! That is a huge accomplishment in my eyes and especially at the highest level of the game where more people would be tempted into cheating.
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