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7/19/07 8:56:58AM
just curious if they tested for steroids in japan. it seems like a lot of guys who have trouble with it in the US (barnet, baroni etc) were heading over to pride. there are a bunch of other guys that i dont know enough about to mention by name that certainly seem like possible steroid users.

so how much were they tested before, how will the relationship with the ufc change that, and is there anyone who will not be as good or will be unable to fight if more stringent testing does go into effect?

anyways just something ive been curious about,
7/19/07 9:20:41AM
None of the Japanese-based MMA shows tested for steroid that I'm aware of.

There are two reasons for testing in the U.S. in any sport:
1) A sanctioning body (such as the Nevada State Athletic Commission) forces the testing
2) A sport league provides it's own testing policy

#2 almost never happens and when it does--like the programs for baseball or pro-wrestling--it's largely a joke. These leagues want guys to look and perform in a way that normal people can't so they're hoping steroid abusers find ways around the tests they set up. For practical purposes, then, it has to be a sanctioning body. The UFC tries to follow the NSAC guidelines, even for shows outside of Vegas and so they do some testing (not everyone, but titlefight contenders and a few random individuals). Pride fighters also go tested when they put on their show in Vegas.

But if a fight is being held in Japan or on an Indian Reservation or anywhere else that allows MMA to be held without steroid testing, don't expect those tests to be administered.
7/19/07 11:18:15AM
team hammer house.
7/19/07 7:02:50PM
WWE=roids r us
7/19/07 10:16:30PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

WWE=roids r us

MMA is slowly looking the same.
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