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6/12/10 7:58:13PM
I just recently started taking mma, and i was wondering what some of ya'll do when it comes time to drop weight. I weigh 220 and i would like to get down to 205, i know i a little bit about eating right but not an expert by no means. I was wondering if there are some weight loss supplements that are out there that might work. Any advice would be appreciated.
6/12/10 11:57:37PM
Make sure you stay hydrated and just have high intensity, fast paced workouts. Make sure you don't eat too late at night, and it's better to eat more, small sized meals throughout the day, rather than 3 meals.
6/13/10 2:13:18AM
Go to the training forums there has to be 10 thread on this topic you should find some good advice in there.
6/13/10 6:24:55PM
Alright well i appreciate the advice. Hopefully these 15 pounds will come off and stay off.
6/14/10 5:09:31PM
well for my pre work outs i take a powdered supplement called jack3d, really gives me a boost for the workout. post work out i just take this recovery shake to help with soreness and muscle growth. during the day i take this new pill called oxi elite pro. only been taking a week and i like how it is working for me.

as far as droping the weight, consume about 1600-1900 cal a day. lots of water. thatas about it.
7/25/10 4:11:18PM
Are you trying to weigh in at 205 or get your weight down to 205. Because you can cut 15lbs in 2 weeks easy if you are just trying to make weight.
9/13/10 12:52:00PM
Hey man !, When I first started to train mma i had just the same problem, give this a try it helped me loose som pounds back in the days , I really recomend it

12/30/10 11:21:42PM
Hey!!! I want to go for the mma training. please give me some tips for the dropping my weight first.So that i can easily start my modeling dream.

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