Dropping off the map and coming back

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5/29/08 2:38:15PM
Was just trying to think of more guys like Caol Uno, who were ranked top in their division at some point, then dropped off the map in rankings (but still remained active, whether fighting cans and winning or just losing), and then got back into the the contender picture (like Uno did by schooling Ishidia).
5/29/08 2:42:02PM
hmmm not saying he was best in the div at that time but matt serra was considered a contender at one point then noone heard of him for years then he upseted gsp( i still dont think hes that great at all) but thats about all i could think of that totaly dropped out for a while
5/29/08 2:53:17PM
seems like kevin randleman fits that bill right now, he dropped off for a while and is now coming back. jens pulver was also under the radar for a while before TUF.

But i'd say the biggest comeback is Frank Shamrock.

others: Oleg taktarov, Mark Kerr, Pat smith- basically the YAMMA crew lol
5/29/08 7:29:31PM
if yves edwards wins against noons i would consider that i pretty good comeback

also mir

hopefully linland will be back also
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