Drew McFedries vs. Tomasz Drwal at UFC 103

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7/13/09 8:16:16PM
A middleweight contest between Drew McFedries and Tomasz Drawl is on tap for UFC 103 on Sept. 19 in Dallas, MMAWeekly.com has learned from sources close to the fight.

The UFC has yet to make its second trip to the Lone Star State official, but the American Airlines Center is expected to host.

7/13/09 8:17:11PM
another notch on drawl's best towards the title!!
7/13/09 8:18:02PM
wait... MW ?

no way
7/13/09 8:31:16PM

Posted by loller90278

wait... MW ?

no way

yeah looks like Tomasz is dropping to middleweight. it'll be interesting to see how he handles the cut. regardless i think Drew will smash him.
7/13/09 8:59:55PM
drwal is the more talented all around fighter, but nobody has heavier hands in the mw division than mcfedries, bad match up for tomasz.
7/13/09 9:02:46PM
good to see a standing match up, good fight
7/13/09 9:06:07PM
No one has heavier hands in the MW division??

Have you seen Dan Henderson hit anyone lately?
7/13/09 9:13:01PM

Posted by titorican

No one has heavier hands in the MW division??

Have you seen Dan Henderson hit anyone lately?

Henderson has that rock solid right, but every one of Drew's punches are for keeps, he lands and it probably hurts more than almost anyone else in the division.
7/13/09 9:17:07PM
Cool matchup. Interested in seeing how TD takes the weightcut, a little added speed could help hit out in this one.

Drew hits hard as ****, but doesn't like getting hit much...and seems to not be prepared mentaly for some fights.

I think TD will catch him off guard with a quick takedown and pound him out from side control.

Drwal rnd 1 TKO
7/13/09 9:43:38PM
Yes! Glad to see Mcferies is back and has a good match up for him to keep moving forward. Drews gonna take him out brutally IMO. Drew 1st RD Brutal Knockout
7/13/09 10:42:03PM

Posted by Bowen50

yeah looks like Tomasz is dropping to middleweight. it'll be interesting to see how he handles the cut. regardless i think Drew will smash him.

7/13/09 10:48:04PM
I'm a huge fan of Drwal, but i'm worried about the weight cut. I'm not sure he'll have the power that he had at LHW. At any rate, I think he'll beat Drew in an exciting 1 round fight.

War Drwal!!!
7/14/09 12:00:09AM
I got McFedries in this one. Either way somebody is going to get KTFO. Thats how Drew fights kill or be killed.
7/14/09 1:26:57AM
let's take into consideration Drew's recent camp switch when Pat Miletich told him to get the eff out. That's got to weigh heavy on him, he's been there since the beginning man!
I feel bad for the guy. Anyone know for sure where he's training now? MFS is a great place to start out, but I think fighters stagnate there and have to move on to get better. Pat is still fighting. How can someone devote themselves to training other fighters when they are training too? Doesn't make sense to me.

Drew is a good guy and great striker, but really needs to work on his ground game. He looked really uncomfortable when he hit the ground with Thales Leites. Plus he's been really hot/cold winning only 3 of his last 7 bouts. Hopefully his new camp gets him back on track and mentally solid so he can use that dynamite in his hands.
7/14/09 10:32:09AM
I didnt think Drwal looked that small @ LHW.

Its going to be a massacre for Drawl, Drew R1 tko.
7/14/09 11:16:30AM
The cut will hurt Drwal's power, and well his gastank too but thats kinda irrelevant considering he's fighting Mcfeds. Drew only has to stay put and do his normal training, therefore Mcfeds Rd1 TKO
7/14/09 2:41:36PM
tough fight to call honestly. flip a coin here.......
7/14/09 3:22:36PM
Drwal looks like a pretty big LHW, so I'm surprised he's dropping a class. Awesome matchup though. I don't think the weight cut will affect him to much, because I don't see this fight turning into a battle of attrition.
7/14/09 8:10:22PM
Very intresting that Drwal is moving to Middleweight. I thought looking at his frame in last few fights he could make it to Middleweight. But, why move out of a division that you've been doing well in? Wouldn't you wait until you start doing bad. He had some momentum.
9/19/09 10:02:43PM
That was a really good fight :) Sorry for all the Drew's fans . I was just surprised when some people said Drwal was gonna get smashed etc... I said it was gonna be the other way around but hey I would never predicted a 2 nd rd sub lol.
Thumbs up for Drwal !
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