Drew McFedries, Marcus Hicks Off Shark Fights 13

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9/4/10 3:17:05PM
All mixed martial arts promotions are forced to deal with the reality of injuries, and the upstart Shark Fights organization is no exception. While the Texas-based promotion will host its first-ever pay-per-view event with next week's Shark Fights 13 card, the organization will need to secure a pair of late replacements. Both Drew McFedries and Marcus Hicks are now off for as-yet-unknown reasons. McFedries was to have faced Joey Villasenor, Hicks was to have faced Karen Darabedyan. Daniel Straus has verbally agreed to be a replacement for Hicks, no replacement yet for McFedries.


UPDATE: Danilo Villefort is the replacement for McFedries.
9/4/10 11:41:38PM
Injuries aside, it's still a damn good fight card.
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