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3/1/08 4:18:25AM
Where the hell is drew fickett

i think ufc have to bring him back in the middleweight division or the welterweight division he is a good fighter
3/1/08 10:25:26AM
last time he fought was at HDnet fights, where he defeated Mark Weir at cage rage, and jake shileds said that He will be fighting Drew Fickett for the eliteXC WW belt. LINK
3/1/08 9:53:53PM
Fickett is the shizzle. If he fights Shields it will be a FOTN for sure.
3/19/08 12:34:06PM
Shields 2 rnd sub!!
3/19/08 3:41:17PM
I think the Jake Shields vs. Drew Fickett fight is going to be a really good fight. I have Fickett handing Shields his first submission loss in the 2nd.
3/19/08 3:53:41PM
Fickett by ...................... SHOCK HORROR = RNC
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