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5/28/10 10:11:26AM
Everyone apparently made weight. Junkie says Federico Lopez missed weight, Mania says he made weight.
Nick Diaz 76.0kg (167.5) vs. Hayato Sakurai 76.5kg (168.6)
Kazushi Sakuraba 87.4kg (192.6) vs. Ralek Gracie 86.5kg (190.6)
Hiroyuki Takaya 65.0kg (143.3) vs. Joachim Hansen 65.0kg (143.3)
Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto 59.8kg (131.8) vs. Kiko Lopez 60kg (132.2)
Hideo Tokoro 62.8kg (138.4) vs. Akiyo Nishiura 63.0kg (138.8)
Kazuyuki Miyata 64.4kg (141.9) vs. Takafumi Otsuka 64.2kg (141.5)
Yoshiro Maeda 60.7kg (133.8) vs. Kenji Osawa 61.0kg (134.4)
Ikuhisa Minowa 88kg (194) vs. Imani Lee 150kg (330.6)
Only 136 pounds between Minowa & Lee. Gotta love it.
5/28/10 10:22:44AM
WAAAR Minowa!!

Awesome fight card!
5/28/10 4:43:21PM
lmao @ minowaman

what a monster

do you think he will ever fight someone who is a skilled fighter in his own weight class again? or is it just too awesome to beat dudes who weigh twice as much as you?
5/28/10 4:50:37PM
He is like a real life comic book character...I love it

To answer your question...I doubt it.

5/28/10 6:30:38PM
The guy is a classic freak fight extraordinaire. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that some of his fights have been scripted just to appease the Japanease crowds.
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