DREAM.5 Updated Card Line-Up

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7/10/08 12:10:45PM

Mark Hunt has still yet to be given a fighter, but there has been some very interesting match ups!
7/10/08 12:15:32PM
Still no opponent for Kang either. They'd better hurry up if they want to make one happen, only 10 days (Japan time, it's already tomorrow over there) until the card.
7/10/08 12:15:59PM
slightly off topic......anyone think we'll see Hunt fight Mighty Mo any time soon?
7/10/08 3:05:09PM
Am I reading right that the winner of Aoki/Uno will take on the winner of Alverez/Kawajiri on the same night for the championship? If so, that is the cats @$$! I was lucky enough to spring for HD about a week before the first Dream event. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure- you are missing out BIG TIME! I've only known maybe 1/2 of the fighters on any given card, but they never disappoint.

Props to DREAM
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