DREAM.5 Update: Denis Kang has confirmed fighting at DREAM.5

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6/10/08 6:10:40PM

Denis Kang has confirmed that he will compete at DREAM.5 on Monday, July 21 at the Osaka Castle Hall in Osaka, Japan. At this time, DREAM has not releases who Kang will be fighting at DREAM.5
6/10/08 6:12:44PM
man, dream 5 is going to be a sick, sick card.

6/10/08 6:41:28PM
They are continuing putting together nice cards as the Grand Prix comes to a close. Hopefully they can keep this up and continue getting solid fighters to fight for them.
6/10/08 7:50:25PM
looks like another sweet card......WAR DREAM
6/10/08 8:10:54PM
Waiting to see who Kang and Cro Cop will be fighting. I would love to see Dream and Affliction do Co-promotions. I could see it since they're main base of operations are on seperate continents. Woot.
6/10/08 9:45:50PM
i bet Kang will fight Trigg
6/11/08 1:34:54AM
I thought Cro Cop was fighting Jerome LeBanner ?
6/11/08 5:08:50AM
nope both are out
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