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3/15/08 4:43:50AM
Finally, DREAM!!!

Joachim "Hell Boy" Hansen Defeats Koutetsu Boku via 2nd Round 5:00 Decision

Web Link

This Link will have Live Play By Play

EDIT: Sorry, I had the Wrong Link. Fixed now!

3/15/08 5:02:48AM
Its not being shown live tho dude so any other PBP's may be from live and thus spoilers to anyone wanting to watch a stream - it wasnt aired anywhere on tv live and the stream will be the Japan broadcast which is tape delayed
3/15/08 5:08:25AM
Wow, I can't believe Cro Cop just lost.

I want to see the stream now since the PBP made it seem like he was only jabbed once before he crumpled ala Ken Shamrock.
3/15/08 5:17:26AM
3/15/08 5:23:24AM

Posted by Kpro


lol, you mighta got someone if it was a reasonable hour
3/15/08 5:41:01AM

Posted by Kpro

Wow, I can't believe Cro Cop just lost.

I want to see the stream now since the PBP made it seem like he was only jabbed once before he crumpled ala Ken Shamrock.

I will give you a prop for this, my heart jumped just like it did when i first read Gonzaga wins by Headkick KO.
3/15/08 5:41:34AM
LOL you aint catching me like that Kpro, mind you Minowa losing would prolly shock me more

Am i right in thinking the streaming will start in just less than 1 hour 30?

Its messed up its not live anywhere in the world, you have to go to the event to see it live, i know its only a short tape delay broadcast in Japan but it still seems rough for such a great card, they need to sort tv deals out over there ffs!

I hope no smart ass little c*** posts spoilers in this forum, tho maybe we (everyone going to watch the stream of it) should just go to the other org forum instead just to be safe?
3/15/08 5:44:06AM
So far im 5/6 with 55 points.
3/15/08 5:48:07AM
unposted em for cornishmma
3/15/08 5:55:43AM
on mma tv, they are showing a cartoon right now...

now weather...
3/15/08 6:02:25AM
3/15/08 6:05:22AM
LMAO love these Japanese commercials
3/15/08 6:20:15AM
GREAT F'in FIGHT SO FAR!!!!!!!!!

sorta bummed we dont get too see the Pyro/lasers and the whole production parts, but i really cant complain
3/15/08 6:47:12AM
HOLY S*** Sakurai!!!!!
3/15/08 10:47:13AM
I was thinking I may be able to get some huge $$$$ and underdog points on Boku and Bu-Kyung. Bu-Kyung really impressed me against Aoki and Boku is always a legitimate threat. However, Ishida and Hellboy showed why they were the favorites going into the event. Hansen looked like a beast and dominated in his decision win and Ishida's was clear cut.

If I would've went with them instead of the underdogs, I could've finished with 1 loss and 82 points. But I'm not trying to make excuses because I actually thought they had a good shot at pulling off the upsets.

Oh well....
3/15/08 10:48:53AM
so...do you think that the NC takes care of the open spot in round 2?

both fighters end up advancing?
3/15/08 11:33:17AM
i did very well this even...#1 in points and#3 in earnings. what happened with the Aoki and JZ fight? was it really a NC?

EDIT: nvm it was an illegal elbow
3/15/08 12:11:30PM
IMO if this fight was in the UFC, WEC, EliteXc, IFL, Cage Rage... name em' all I don't care, this fight would have NOT been stopped cause of that "Illegal" elbow. Kinda ridiculous if you ask me. Nice first "Main Event" Dream...real nice
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