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9/15/13 7:04:19PM
I am looking for qualified posters that can fulfill the duties of my camp, the duties include but are not limited to...

Full blooded bad assness
Owning people who get out of line
Being humble but taking no shat
YOu must do some form of working out/training

I can assure you that we will be the winning camp, no one wil work harder than we do at what we do. Please submit an application if you are interested.

9/16/13 1:11:58AM
You even lift bro? Haha jk welcome to the forums man
9/16/13 1:33:42AM
So were suppose to be humble while owning people? Not everyone is cut from the cloth of Richard Sherman.
9/16/13 9:38:43AM
How about you join my camp?
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