DREAM signs big prospect !!

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10/28/09 4:00:02AM
French fighter Karl Amoussou has signed a four fight deal to fight for the Japanese organization DREAM.

Details about the fighter’s debut are unknown at this point, however sources close to the fighter indicated that an announcement about an upcoming fight should be coming very soon.

Amoussou, who is looked upon as one of Europe’s biggest prospects, recently signed an exclusive management contract with M-1Global, joining Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Gegard Mousasi, and Fedor Emelianenko, the man widely recognized as the top heavyweight in the world.

Amoussou brings an 11 – 2 – 1 professional record to DREAM. Although known mostly for his fierce striking, 7 of thePsycho’s 11 victories have come via submission.


Very exciting prospect, pure violence.
10/28/09 7:58:30AM
Good footage of him and his stand up looks like Wanderlei with some quality ground game. Love the staredowns aswell!

10/28/09 11:31:44AM
Seems like a good and smart kid. I love how he uses the aggressive striking to force mistakes by the opponent and lock submissions.
10/28/09 11:35:18AM
Damn, would have given the UFC MW division some depth...
10/28/09 1:47:48PM
He's a good fighter.

He's a policeman in Paris but he gets no love from the Parisian fans because apparently they hate the police there. Must be weird to get booed in your home town.

Either way he's a good prospect. I'm glad he's testing the water in the DREAM MW divison, too many guys jump straight from the local/D-level MMA promotions into the top tire and find the waters are too deep. He's as exciting as hell but he needs to get used to bigger shows and tougher comp before the UFC move.
10/28/09 3:14:48PM
Looks like a beast but I'll take the highlight with a grain of salt considering almost every guy he has beat has a losing record and the two with decent records were guys he lost to.

I hope they don't feed him to the wolves in Pride like Nastula and a few other potentials. I think this kid could have a bright future at the top level.
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