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7/10/10 3:43:37AM
Lightweight Championship bout: Shinya Aoki (c) def. Tatsuya Kawajiri -- Submission (Achilles Lock) 1:53 R1

Gesias Cavalcante def. Katsunori Kikuno -- Split Decision

Light Heavyweight Grand Prix Opening Round bouts:
Gegard Mousasi def. Jake O'Brien -- Submission (Guillotine Choke) 0:31 R1
Tatsuya Mizuno def. Melvin Manhoef -- Submission (Kimura) 7:38 R1

Michihiro Omigawa def. Jong Young Sam - Submission (Guillotine Choke) 7:31 R1
Mitsuhiro Ishida def. Daiki Hata -- Unanimous Decision
Kazuhiro Nakamura def. Karl Amoussou -- Unanimous Decision
7/10/10 3:45:42AM
I need Crusher to win...small bet on Kikuno
7/10/10 4:01:03AM
Dang, Nakamura grinded out Amousseau
7/10/10 4:14:25AM
LOL... dave meltzer is on the chat on my stream.
7/10/10 4:37:08AM
This fight is ridiculous. Omigawa's fighting a 0-2 can that hasn't fought in over a year.

I've seen Omigawa at like -1200 on Bodog.
7/10/10 5:06:32AM
Remind me again why I didn't put any money on Mizuno.
7/10/10 5:09:53AM

Posted by grappler0000

Remind me again why I didn't put any money on Mizuno.

Because Melvin wears a sweet dog collar when he fights in Japan?
7/10/10 5:10:44AM

Posted by grappler0000

Remind me again why I didn't put any money on Mizuno.

Because we've all seen CroCop vs. Mizuno I think.

Manhoef looked improved off his back 'til he gassed out and got stuck under the corner.
7/10/10 5:18:44AM
Yeah, maybe a little of both lol.
7/10/10 5:21:37AM
Called that one perfectly.
7/10/10 6:35:48AM
Really looking forward to this.
7/10/10 7:01:20AM
Baka Survivor just pulled some insane ****

Also he's getting married, yaaay.
7/10/10 7:42:57AM
All abord the Omigawa bandwagon! He's now gone from 4-7-1 to 11-8-1 in just his last 8 fights. In other words, 7-1.
7/10/10 10:23:44AM
Dang, thought Kawajiri was gonna take it to Aoki. He just couldn't get his leg back from Shinya.
7/10/10 3:56:40PM
I love watching Aoki's fights.

JZ wasn't impressive to me tho.

Mousasi wasn't a surprise, but how pathetic did Jake O'Brian look? He came in WAY overweight too. Even the announcers were saying how glad they were he lost.

Manhoef was a disappointment. When I watch a fight like that I have to kick myself for picking the way I did. Seems easy looking back.
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