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2/16/09 8:59:33AM

2/16/09 1:26:05PM
man, i dig the japenese posters so much more than the UFC's. They are always so eye catchy!
2/16/09 1:51:48PM
yep, gotta love the japanese marketing. this poster isnt as dope as some of the others, but it still sh*ts on UFCs cut and paste flyers
2/16/09 9:01:57PM
This poster is so sweet I don't even care that it really has nothing to do with fighting.
2/17/09 7:44:33AM
I think it's meant to symbolize the FWGP and the birth of a new division in DREAM, and a dream too. I'm kinda curious as to who the fighter shown is or is meant to represent.
2/17/09 4:18:59PM
love it. I always love the Dream posters..they have a really cool style to them..

the only complaint I have on this one..and its a small one, is the lettering in the wing..something looks off on it..like it was just typed onto the poster after it was finished or something...

but regardless it looks sweet!!

2/17/09 5:30:36PM
Japanese posters kick major ass.
2/17/09 5:59:34PM

Posted by higdon10

Japanese posters kick major ass.

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