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9/13/08 2:51:39AM
According to a report at Sports Seoul, there is growing criticism about FEG delaying or not giving fighters money that they owed. "Fighter A" claimed in the article that he didn’t receive money for his last two fights, and "Fighter B" who is preparing for an upcoming fight also is claiming they didn’t get some fight money. "Fighter C" claims that he had to wait three months to get his fight salary.

The article quotes a source as saying, "There’s many fighters who don’t get paid. Especially DREAM fighters, foreigners mostly." The article claims that the reason in the alleged delaying of payments is due to DREAM’s financial situation and the situation regarding Kazuyoshi Ishii.


Is this starting to sound like Pride?
9/13/08 2:54:14AM
I wonder if this is linked to the talk that the UFC is looking into Japan?
9/13/08 4:57:40AM
Starts to remind me of another org that got completely gutted. I'm hoping that this doesn't have any short term repercussions on DREAM 6. That card is completely STACKED. Then long term having fighters just completely leave, and putting on shows filled with those who we've never heard of.
9/13/08 6:06:40AM
Hopefully Dream will go under so we can get their fighters in the UFC

(i just really wanna see BJ vs Aoki)
9/13/08 8:06:38AM
wow so it sounds like another organization is going to crash, gotta pay the fighters, this should be 1st cause without fighters what do you have nothing and what fighters are going to fight for an I owe you slip.

I would love to see a handful of these guys end up in the ufc including Hansen too bad he has a big mouth and may have sunk that ship.
9/13/08 11:18:38AM
first of all if someone didn't pay me for the 1st fight i sure as hell wouldn't fight again till they did and i would sue them
sounds like something my mother would do
9/13/08 12:16:41PM
This is reportedly the reason why Nick Diaz is not fighting on the upcoming DREAM card. Paying fighters should be priority number 1 for any promoter. Not paying them is like shooting yourself in the foot.
9/13/08 3:21:28PM
how is a company like FEG not paying their fighters? last i checked they had more money than the UFC
9/13/08 10:42:43PM
Not a surprising develoment. i hope that its not true and the UFC will still have some competition. If DREAm goes belly up the UFC has full reign. Other than Affliction who i dont think will alst very long whats to stop them? NOTHING....mayeb thats the way MMA needs to be. No unification. No other organizations.?
9/13/08 10:42:49PM

Posted by loller90278

how is a company like FEG not paying their fighters? last i checked they had more money than the UFC

I agree. Don't they own K1 too?
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