Dream Match: Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos vs Megumi Fujii (Open Weight Fight)

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POLL: Who would win?
Megumi Fujii 0% (0)
Cristiane Santos 100% (9)
6/21/10 1:22:20AM
Now, its very unlikely for dream matches to feature female combatants.

However, these two fighters would put on a show of striking vs grappling.

Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos: Strikeforce Womens Featherweight Champion
(9 Wins, 1 Loss)

Megumi Fujii: #1 Pound-for-Pound female fighter in the world.
Undefeated(19 Wins, 0 Losses)

Santos has amazing striking capability while Fujii is BJJ magician.

It would be one sided for each fighter on either end of the fight.

Standing up for Santos.

Ground for Fujii.

I honestly wouldn't know the outcome but you guys make your guesses.

6/21/10 1:37:56AM
Santos is just too big and powerful. Fujii is only a 100 pounds.
6/21/10 1:59:42AM
Santos by brutal manlike strength. Fujii is the better p4p fighter, and way hotter, but in a fight at any weight Santos could easily come in at 160+ and throw Fujii around like a doll.
6/21/10 3:23:25AM
Santos by utter destruction. The only way that Fujii wins this is if she jumps on her back the moment they say fight and Santos jumps in her guard. Even then I'd probably still take Santos by GnP.
6/21/10 4:50:03AM
This would be akin to Georges St. Pierre fighting Brock Lesnar.

Most people would agree that GSP is the better fighter, but he'd be ragdolled regardless.
6/21/10 5:07:07AM
I'm digging the Nabokov sig, lohmann.
6/21/10 11:44:04PM
Cyborg...strenght striking ect... and mainly because Fuji does tend to stand and strike for a minute to set up her ground game, that one minute is all Cyborg needs to end this one.
6/23/10 8:42:10PM
This isn't a dream match for anyone unless Megumi Fujii has a lot of people who hate her enough to want to see her die.
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