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3/13/08 2:58:14AM

Posted by Mayhem13

I think I am sticking with Miyata...but these are hard picks..almost everyone of them..except the Kawajiri pick is tough calls for me..

Miyata looked great against Shaolin in his last fight man, he'll do fine I'm sure.
3/13/08 8:10:19AM
Here are my picks:

Kawajiri 1st rd sub. (just have a feeling)
Buscape 1st rd sub.
Hansen UD (Boku has some good hands)
Alvarez 1st rd (t)ko (Alvarez is no joke and I think he'll put it to Dida)
Ishida UD
Artur 1st rd (t)ko
Sakurai 1st rd (t)ko
Cro Cop 1st rd (t)ko

I'll be honest and say I haven't heard of or seen some of these fighters, tough card to pick.
3/13/08 9:58:07AM
i like JZ and AOYOKI. i think itll either be the winner of that or ALVAREZ. im from philly so im a little bias but ive also seen almost all his fights and hes a bad dude. any way it should be an awesome card all around.
3/13/08 5:07:47PM
I have yet another change in my picks, When I see Miyata fight Strikers like Hellboy he takes them down but when he faces grapplers like Shaolin he stands with them so I'm going with Miyata via Unanimous Decision, he has some pretty nasty Leg Kicks.
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