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5/26/09 11:14:48AM
5/26/09 11:18:05AM

Posted by ncordless

Joe Warren has beaten Chase Beebe and Kid Yamamoto in his first two pro fights. Doesn't anyone else think that is more than a little impressive?

Also, a parley of Bibiano, Takaya and Kawajiri was the most ridiculous combination of odds ever. I put 450 down for 27000 and I am sure that there were others who saw it and had more to bet.

No dude it definately was not ridiculous, I won 350,000 $ off that combo , I had complete faith that they would all execute their gameplan think of it this way. Bibiano is a brute and has too much power for Iminari to deal with, Takaya has 1 punch KO Power and Meada is probably one of the most unintelligent fighters there are coming down to gameplanning, and Kawajiri has better wrestling and Striking than JZ and a better complete MMA Game.
5/26/09 12:24:33PM
Not so impressive now considering someone hit a $1.1 million-plus parlay on just $9900 or so.
5/26/09 4:41:40PM
I sucked i went 2-6
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