DREAM 14 Still On, But LHW Tourney To Be Restructured (Updated)

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4/29/10 11:19:29AM
Japanese fight fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Reports surfaced earlier today that a portion of the DREAM 14 fight card was being removed, specifically the planned light heavyweight tournament featuring Gegard Mousasi, Renato Sobral, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, among others, leading to speculation that the entire May 29 card was in jeopardy. No worries. Representatives from Fighting and Entertainment Group (FEG) today told MMAmania.com that DREAM 14 will continue as planned and that the promotion has opted to change the structure of the light heavyweight tournament going forward. An official announcement can be expected in the near future as well as some "surprises" for the still-developing fight card. The report of the cancellation appeared to come via Josh Gross on Twitter-he claimed the LHW GP was cancelled due to issues between DREAM and TV partner TBS.


UPDATE: The tournament is now off. TBS nixed the idea of airing it in Japan. The event is still on though.

4/29/10 11:29:55AM
Its hard to find fighters when UFC has all the vets and up n comers. I would like to see Dream come up with some new guys, up n comers and name fighters who arent in UFC yet, like Arona. Most Dream and Sengoku especially, I think are boring. Maybe I feel this way because I know very few Japanese fighters and Dream fighters in general. I would rather watch any UFC fight that goes to decision over a Sengoku or Dream fight that goes to decision. Aoki is one of their most exciting fighters, but when he fought someone good like Gilbert, he was boring imo.
4/29/10 2:19:42PM
The tournament is off. The event is still on, just no LHWGP-not on 5/29, anyway.

4/29/10 3:58:03PM
I was looking foward to it.
I think Dream should just go with an open weight grand prix 16 man style and see who comes out on top. I would like to see something like this:

1. AA
3. Hellboy
6.big Timmy
12.King Mo
15.Hong Man Choi
16.Bobby Lashley

I'm not saying this would lead to them all being fair matchups but it would be exciting.
4/29/10 4:22:15PM
Aoki vs. Hong Man Choi for the win!
4/29/10 4:32:51PM
This isn't official yet, but Kid Yamamoto could be added to the event. He's now off the 5/15 SF event.
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