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9/21/10 11:57:28PM
Not many people want to chat about Dream so it seems.......
I for one am very excited for this card. Some really good fighters on this card, and I for one enjoy the broadcasting of Dream more then any other. Curious on what others thoughts are on the card or fights.

I think it has alot of great fights, and some that could be FOTY.

Time will tell!
9/22/10 2:00:50AM
i agree man. theres some seriously good fights. im a fan of mayhem and a fan of sakuraba's but i think its gonna be a one sided beating coming from mayhem. i know saku's an exceptional submission artist but mayhem has never been known to be susceptible to subs and i just dont see saku being able to stand with him. i dont care much for aoki so hopefully he gets smashed but more than likely hes get one of his subs, the guys a submission machine. gegard will probably put a beat down on his Japanese opponent. i dont pay attention to alot of the Japanese fighters cause very few are dynamic. i haven't heard who the commentators are gonna be but i imagine "The Voice" will be one of them so you can guarantee the commentating will be good.
9/22/10 3:55:02AM
The time difference is the only thing that has ever hurt the American market for Japanease fights IMO....that and marketing...I always watch about 75% of a good card the next day on video.
9/22/10 5:38:13AM
I'm interested to see the Mayhem vs Saku fight.
The consensus and smart pick is certainly Miller but I think the real question is how long and how well can the legend hang in the fight?
9/22/10 8:36:09AM
I'm looking forward to minowaman vs ishii myself I'm gonna have to break out the red undies friday night! also love watching takaya fight dude isn't afraid to bang and after his ko of hellboybring on beebe i first thought tokoro was fighting kid but now its hellboy thats gonna be good too it'd gonna be a good show
9/22/10 4:17:12PM
Nice to hear some fans speak up!
I love playground, but just would love to hear more talk about something aside from UFC. Dream is amazing, and I think they put on the best shows bar none.
I know the time of the events isn't the best, but dont people have PVR'S/TIVO'S?

Trust me, I aint staying up. I gotta work the next day, so I'll just record it.

Hopefully is the Voice and Bas Rutten doing it, but prob going to be Voice and Mezger. The Voice IMO is the most entertaining to listen to, and he has the best one liners.

As for Sakuraba, I believe he has a good chance as well, but Mayhems wrestling may be to much for Saku to pull off a submission. However, Im rooting for Saku and believe he can pull off the upset.

I believe Tokoro vs Hanson will be fight of the night. If nobody has watched Tokoro, give this fight a watch. Yeah he has alot of losses, but this guy is Mr. Entertainment! He is active and tries all sorts of crazy submissions. I am very excited for this fight, and it should be a possible FOTY candidate.

9/22/10 4:27:49PM
Omigawa. That is all.
9/22/10 5:32:34PM
Im more stoked for Dream 16 then any other cards in awhile. well Dream 15 maybe lol. Jmma is a step above UFC imo. not in fighters but in entertainment. idk if i could watch UFC for 5 hours but Dream i still want more at 8 in the morning.


yea this site isnt big on jmma. i stay up to watch all the dream and sengoku i can get. hopefully hdnet picks up the deep 50 show. ill cream my shorts.
9/22/10 11:33:10PM
I will be watching!! ALL NIGHTER BABY! JTV style. Pulling for Miyata, Omagawa, and Baker to make me sum fake dolla!
9/25/10 10:53:09AM
When did the Ishii/Minowa fight get added?? It must have been last second.
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