DREAM 7 NOT On HDNet Sunday

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3/5/09 11:43:10AM
FYI via BloodyElbow: Sunday morning's event WILL NOT air live on HDNet Sunday morning. It's going to air on tape delay next Saturday (14th). Statement from HDNet Fights CEO Andrew Simon:

HDNet would love to show DREAM live, but the issue is that they are having the event on a Sunday night in Tokyo…it makes for an awful time for people to watch in the U.S. I would love if DREAM held events on Friday or Saturday, then we would air it LIVE. We try to keep our new MMA programming primarily on Fridays and some Saturdays so fans always know when they can catch MMA on HDNet. The Friday the 13th weekend will be incredible on HDNet — DREAM 7 and Affliction Day of Reckoning. With over 35 events planned for this year, HDNet is THE Home for MMA. We are very excited to show the debut of Sengoku LIVE on HDNet in March as well. No decision has been made on DREAM 8 airtime as of today.

The start time Sunday is roughly 4 PM Japan time, which would mean 4 AM ET.
DREAM 8 is April 5 (Sunday). As for Sengoku 7 on March 20, that WILL air live.
3/26/09 11:55:41AM
Here we go again...according to Junkie, Dream 8 WILL NOT air live on HDNet on 4/5 either. Premiere is April 10 at 10 PM ET.
3/26/09 6:32:15PM
This is BS. Tape delay's suck since we all know what happend already, I could see tape delay until the next day at a normal time for us but wtf.
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