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4/15/11 3:15:58AM
So were talkin dream fights, but with guys only currently on the UFC roster.

HW- Junior Dos Santos vs Shane Carwin: Would love to see this fight, hopefully one day we will. I like JDS 1st or 2nd rnd TKO

LHW- Rampage Jackson vs lil nog: Probably not the sexiest choice, but ive wanted to see this since pride. I really dont know who wins if these guys fought, but ill take page by Split d.

MW- Chael Sonnen vs Vitor Belfort: I know everone is gonna say that Chael will just take him down and earn a decision. Even tho i mostly agree, u never know what vitor can do in those seconds before goin 2 the ground. Sonnen UD.

WW- Thiago Alves vs Nate Marquardt: I love this possible fight!! Thiago's sick stand up and Nate's all around game. If these guys fought 10 times i think each could win 5. But for this one I'll go Pitbull by UD, but a straight up war!!

LW- Anthony Pettis vs Melvin Guillard: This would be a sick fight!!! I'm a big believer in Showtime, but the new Melvin looks great. Melvin 2nd rnd KO.

Let me know what your guys matchups are. Feel free to put feather and bantamweight 2.
4/15/11 3:17:43AM
agree with most, but Pettis would kill melvin
4/15/11 3:26:08AM

Posted by TeamDEY

agree with most, but Pettis would kill melvin

Really, pettis would KILL melvin thats a bold statement.

Any ideas for Bw and FW?
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4/15/11 10:23:28AM
Whoa he said Pettis would kill Guillard...LMFAO....No way...Guillard can beat anyone on a given day and now hes a different fighter and focused...Hes the fastest lightweight in the division...

Pettis hasn't faced anyone and quite honestly I think his fight with Henderson was a tie until the kick in the end...

I would take Carwin over Dos Santos by a vicious Mike Tyson-esque KO...Carwin trains at Greg Jackson and would definitely get inside of Dos Santos...I threw in he trains at Greg Jackson because Greg would have a great gameplan..>Carwin can take a punch and has superior wrestling...
4/17/11 12:02:58AM
Brock Lesnar v Anderson Silva or BJ Penn v Royce Gracie. These two matchups are a bit out there but I guess that's why we call them dream fights.
4/23/11 5:39:21PM
Provided that he moves up in weight, Jose Aldo vs. Edson Barboza anyone?
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