what dream fight you would pick to see if you could make one happen in the ufc right now ??

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POLL: what fight would you most want to see happen this year in the ufc ?
a.silva vs gsp 7% (3)
a.silva vs lyoto 24% (11)
a.silva vs fedor 24% (11)
fedor vs lesnar 38% (17)
fedor vs couture 4% (2)
a.silva vs cung le 2% (1)
8/10/09 2:08:15AM
just want to see what you fans think would be the ultimate dream fight you would love to see the most in the ufc sometime this year ?

edit ; include my pick ...machida vs a.silva .omg ...i dont know who id pick to win .no matter who loses at this point in time my head would prolly explode either way
8/10/09 2:33:52AM
anderson vs fedor / anderson vs machida / fedor vs brock

of course none of those will ever happen so... oh well.
8/10/09 4:06:01AM
A year ago the pick would have been Le, but he has been out of the game for too long so it has got to be Fedor v Lesnor now imo
8/10/09 10:16:59AM
Just to add an actual possibility that most ppl seem to be overlooking. assumign couture can put away big nog and still maybe is he doesnt. I like to see Anderson Silva V Randy Couture at 205. i think it wud b an interesting matchup. couture shud have better success that hendo who is credited for having the most success so far against silva.
8/10/09 10:22:26AM
given the fact that cung and fedor ARE NOT IN THE UFC
gotta go with silva vs GSP!! or couture vs silva at 205
8/10/09 1:37:22PM
im aware that fedor and cung are not in the ufc . just if they could sign ....i did say "dream " fight i think didnt i ?
8/10/09 2:27:09PM
Fedor vs Lesner
8/10/09 2:27:26PM
Penn vs Lesnar
8/10/09 3:37:27PM
Fedor v Dana
8/10/09 10:00:25PM
Kid vs. BJ Penn...
8/10/09 10:25:17PM
Mayweather vs bj penn Im tired of hearing mayweather talk.
8/11/09 12:04:12AM
8/11/09 6:17:35PM
I would love to see BJ RNC Mayweather at 30 seconds of round 1, that would be awesome.
8/11/09 9:18:20PM
man ...a bj penn vs mayweather ? i would give a kydney to see that ....good call !
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