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2/10/09 5:07:45PM
Will the DREAM featherweight Grand Prix be covered in the secondary league?
2/10/09 5:30:18PM
Probably, would just depend on when the matchups are announced. We'd likely only do first-round matchups if they do more than one round that event.

(Ignore my previous comments if you saw them. Misread dates and plans)
2/12/09 2:16:05PM
DC is right.The problem with Dram, like Pride ( a lot of the same people run it) before them , is that they don't tend to announce the whole fight card very early.If they can announce the matchups within week of the event. The good new is I have no doubt they will, so no need to stress on it.As soon as they are officially announced I will put it in the computer.
2/20/09 1:07:34PM
Now that the first round matchups are set (and some good non-GP matchups too), I've started hollering in an effort to get this added since it's 2 weeks away. Right now we're looking at a minimum of 8 fights.
2/21/09 4:01:04AM
Its in
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