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11/12/07 10:06:58AM
I've been thinking about this for a while, I know it's hard for me to think about one, but I'd like to get your thoughts and picks.


1. 5 fight card
2. Fighters can't fight outside of their weight class
3. You can pick active/inactive/retired fighters
11/12/07 10:48:25AM
LHW - Rampage vs Shogun
LW - Stevenson vs Sherk
WW - Fitch vs GSP
HW - Couture vs Fedor
MW - Silva vs Lawler

thats just madness haha
11/12/07 11:08:40AM
Couture vs Fedor
Rampage vs Wanderlei Silva
Henderson vs Anderson Silva
Hughes vs GSP 3
Sherk vs Gomi
11/12/07 11:17:38AM
LW-BJ Penn vs. Takanori Gomi

WW-Jon Fitch vs. Matt Serra

MW-Matt Lindland vs. Rich Franklin

LHW-Houston Alexander vs. Rashad Evans

HW-Cheick Kongo vs. Andrei Arlovski

Funny thing is, we could actually see all of these fights sometime in the future.
11/12/07 11:36:24AM
Couture / Fedor
GSP / Hughes
Big Nog / Antonio Silva
Tito Ortiz / Dan Henderson
Anderson Silva / Robbie Lawler

11/12/07 12:33:56PM
LW-Rampage vs Dean of Mean
HW-Randy vs Fedor
LW-Nick Diaz vs BJ
MW-Wandy vs Silva
WW-Serra vs GSP 2
11/12/07 1:43:52PM
Fight Card:

Main Event: Randy vs. Fedor

Rampage vs. Houston

Silva vs. Filho

St. Pierre vs. Fitch

Penn vs. Gomi
11/12/07 2:25:29PM
Randy vs Fedor
GSP vs Serra 2
BJ vs Sherk
Shogun vs Wandy (I've always wanted to see this fight)
and for ***** and giggles, we'll go with an entertaining freak show fight for the last one,
Kevin Ferguson vs Bob Sapp
11/12/07 2:43:03PM
GSP Vs Fitch
Couture Vs Fedor
Ken Flo Vs Tyson Griffin
Forrest Griffin Vs Jardine 2
Swick Vs Parisyan
11/12/07 2:50:19PM
I am going to go a different route than everyone else.

Roger Huerta vs. Kenny Florian

Fedor vs. Couture

Robbie Lawler vs. Mike Swick

Matt Hughes vs. Josh Koscheck

"Shogun" vs. "Ninja"
11/12/07 2:52:38PM
Couture vs. Fedor
Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva
Henderson vs. Anderson Silva
GSP va. Hughes 3
BJ Penn vs. Sean Sherk
11/12/07 3:09:04PM

JZ Clavancanti vs Kid Yammamoto


Jon Fitch vs Carlos Condit


Dong Sik Yoon vs Robbie Lawler

Light Heavyweight

Wandy vs Rampage 3


Fedor vs Joe Son
11/12/07 3:24:09PM
Roger Huerta vs. Spencer Fisher

Georges St. Pierre vs. Jon Fitch

Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson

Quinton Jackson vs. Rameau Sokoudjou

Randy Couture vs. Fedor Emelianenko
11/12/07 4:55:12PM
I always get sucked into these...

HW: Antonio Silva vs Mark Hunt

LHW: Sokodjou vs Houston A

MW: Cung Le vs Anderson Silva

WW: Fitch vs Karo

LW: Huerta vs JZ Calvan
11/12/07 6:17:21PM
Fedor vs Randy
Anderson Silva vs Matt Hughes
BJ Penn vs Sean Sherk
Shogun vs Rampage II
Brock Lesnar vs Kimbo Slice

Hughes is a WW but has expressed interest in fighting SIlva twice now
11/12/07 7:32:45PM
I think we had a thread like this before.. I picked all Lightweight fights, and had guys like Rob McCollough, Chris Horodecki, Urijah Faber, and others fighting against UFC guys.. Since then i've seen more of Jeff Curran, "Kid" Yamamoto, Bart Palaszewski, so they'd be added.. Shad Lierley, John Gunderson, and Wagney Fabiano as well.. Man i'd kill for a card like what is in my head.. I guess I need to make a card.. Just be ready.. I'll have like 15 fights on my card..

Main Event:
Urijah Faber vs Sean Sherk

Main Card:
BJ Penn vs "Kid" Yamamoto
Chris Horodecki vs Bart Palaszewski 3
Rob McCollough vs Spencer Fisher
Tyson Griffin vs Clay Guida 2
Frank Edgar vs Thiago Tavarres
Kenny Florian vs Jeff Curran
Jamie Varner vs Joe Stevenson

Undercard: (Even though none of these are worse than the ones on the main card.)
John Gunderson vs Kurt Pelegrino
Wagney Fabiano vs Roger Huerta
Jens Pulver vs Joe Lauzon 2
Matt Wiman vs Shad Lierley
Nick Diaz vs Takanori Gomi 2
Cole Miller vs Nate Diaz
Gray Maynard vs Rob Emerson 2
Charles Bennett vs KJ Noons
11/12/07 7:38:55PM
Main event
Cro Cop vs. Fedor

Main Card
JZ Calva vs. BJ Penn
Big Nog vs. AA
Randy Couture vs. Josh Barnett
Shogun vs. Chuck Liddell
Wanderlei vs. Tito Ortiz

No undercard because the main card's pay roll would be like 8 million.
11/12/07 8:57:08PM
Fedor Emelianenko V.S. Randy Couture
Forrest Griffin V.S. Quinton Jackson
Anderson Silva V.S. Dan Henderson
Roger Huerta V.S. Nick Diaz
Robbie Lawler V.S. Nathan Marquardt
11/12/07 9:51:03PM
anderson silva vs. drew mcfedries (im only sayin this cuz mcfedries beat the mess outta kampman on the feet and kampman is k-1 level kickboxer)

sean sherk vs. kid yamamoto

melvin guillard vs. josh koscheck

gabe gonzaga vs. minatauro nogeira

quinton jackson vs. rashad evans
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