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6/16/08 2:14:27AM
DREAM 5 is looking like an unreal card.

Cro Cop vs. LeBanner could be a great fight

Kid Yamamoto back in action... everyone can finally start making Kid/Faber predictions and comparisons

Aoki vs. Uno- I don't think people realize what a huge fight this is for Japanese fans... and what an exciting fight it could be.

Kawajiri vs. Alvarez- Alvarez may have had the toughest road to the semis, Kawajiri has not had it that bad. Their similar styles may make for an interesting fight.


Oh yeah, then there is Diaz vs. Mach. I like this fight and it will be interesting to see if Diaz fights like he did vs. Gomi.
6/16/08 2:20:45AM
ya im super pissed I dont get HDNet
6/16/08 7:02:41AM
yea cro cop vs Lebanner should be great, this can really tell us where mirko's striking is at right now, cus LeBanner is still one of the best in k-1, and even in Mirko's prime this would be a close fight, and i'd give the edge to LeBanner (even though mirko beat him the first time around)......who knows, maybe mirko will try to grapple him.....

Alvarez vs Kawajiri-> should take fight of the night, just see this as being a great fight....

Hopefully Uno beats Aoki, should be a great grappling match, but realistically i see Aoki winning a decision, or late sub...

Also hope Mach comes in shape, if he is i think he is more than Diaz can Handle, but lately he has shown poor cardio, which could end up being a deciding factor in the match (diaz is hard to finish)
6/16/08 10:17:06AM
Weekly also says Akiyama & Kang will be in action as well, so that's a couple more good-sounding matchups there. Someone needs to get these out on DVD here.
6/16/08 11:54:01AM
I can't wait to see this event. Heck, I think some of these cards Dream is putting out are good enough to be in the main league.
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