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1/24/09 5:17:09AM
Ok hi everyone first post. Ok here are the rules of this little game. Assuming all fighters in the ufc are available create your dream UFC 100 now this has to be realistic so MAX 2 titles on the line and throw in some undercard fights. So 8 fights here goes.

HW bout: Pat Barry vs Junior Dos Santos
LW bout: Efrain Escudero vs Thiago Tavares
MW bout: Kendall Grove vs Ricardo Almeida
HW bout: Cheick Kongo vs Gabriel Gonzaga
LW bout: Jon Fitch vs Matt Hughes
LHW bout: Rich Franklin vs Wanderlei Silva
LW title bout: BJ Penn vs Nate Diaz
WW title bout: GSP vs Thiago Alves
1/24/09 3:49:31PM
Never would happen, Diaz? And only if Gonzaga didn't beat Carwin would he fight Kongo in the summer, because if he wins, he gets a title shot. Hughes wouldn't, won't be ready to fight two months maybe, after his UFC 98 fight against Serra. Now barring injury, this could all change.

Titles-LHW-Rashad vs.Jackson
LW-BJ vs. Florian
WW-GSP vs. Alves (Any of the two LW orWW would be necessary)

throw in a Wanderlei vs. Franklin or a Gouveia/Reljic type matchup, and with a semi stacked undercard, 100 will do justice.
1/24/09 5:34:38PM
WW Main Event: Georges St. Pierre vs Thiago Alves
LW Co-Main Event: Kenny Florian vs Bj Penn
HW Alistair Overeem vs Cheik Kongo
LW Sean Sherk vs Clay Guida
MW Goran Reljic vs Nate Marquardt
HW Pat Barry vs Antoni Hardonk
LHW Ryan Bader vs Matt Hamill
WW Ben Saunders vs Mike Swick

1/25/09 1:34:00AM
sorry jackhammer shuld of been more clear in my description wen i sed assume all fighters are available i meant it doesnt matter what they are doing in the lead up to ufc 100 so if they are fighting in ufc 99 disregard that jus assume every fighter is available so doesnt matter if they are doing this or doing that so its jus pretty much a ppv card u wuld realli want to see and i jus set it as UFC 100 since it shuld be a big one. Also my mma knowledge isnt huge since i onli jus started following it around 6 months ago and UFC 92 was my first ppv order so sorry if some of my picks are stupid.
1/25/09 1:47:37AM
Anderson Silva vs Rashad Evans lhw--
BJ Penn vs Kenny Florian lw--title fight---
Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping mw
GSP vs Thiago ww--title fight
Jon Fitch vs Mike Swick ww
Nate Diaz vs Shawn Sherk lw
Shane Carwin vs Kongo hw
Marvin Eastman vs Caleb Barnes mw

And in a special bonus fight----Joe Rogan vs Bruce Buffer

1/25/09 12:53:56PM

Posted by hymiekooken

And in a special bonus fight----Joe Rogan vs Bruce Buffer

Rogan via Peruvian Necktie.
2/8/09 11:46:08AM
St Pierre v Alves - WW Belt
Jackson v Evans LHW Belt

Cain Velasquez v Crocop HW
Lauzon v Diaz LW
Swick v Condit WW
Sanchez v Griffin LW
Dos Santos v Hardonk HW
Palhares v Macdonald MW

2/8/09 1:18:47PM
There's already a UFC 100 game here, so let's keep it to one game/thread for now:

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