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7/12/11 9:39:51PM
I was watching sports center and after the US Woman's soccer team beat Brazil they had a top 10 most dramatic moments in sports. I didn't necessarily agree with the list but I was wondering what would you have on your list (not including MMA)?

My List is:

10. Landon Donovan Defeats Algeria/ USA vs Brazil 2011 Woman's

9. Cal vs Stanford "The Play"

8. Christian Laettner Wins for Duke

7. Doug Fluties last second Hail Mary Pass

6. Michael Jordan hits Buzzer vs Cleveland

5. Louis Gonzales Singles in Game 7 of World Series to beat the Yanks

4. Miracle On Ice US defeats Russia

3. 1983 National Championship Game NC STATE wins

2. Racing Legend Dale Earnhardt Dies at Daytona in final lap

1. Kirk Gibson's Walk Off Homer after being injured
7/12/11 10:14:04PM
Where's Jordans Finals winning shot against the Jazz in game 6 in 98? Id put that over Jordan vs Cleveland. But other then that the list is solid
7/12/11 10:15:25PM
1. Giants upset Pats Superbowl 42

Only one I can think of without having to look stuff up.
7/14/11 5:29:32PM
Rulon Gardner winning the gold and I think the Miracle on Ice should be 1. Also App. St. over Michigan especially since it was at Michigan and App. St. won on a blocked field goal.
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