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6/2/12 2:34:38PM
Anyone pick this up yet?

It's a really well done dungeon-crawler by Capcom that plays similiar to a fight game without the finger dexterity and combos, etc. You play with a party of yourself, a main helper called a "pawn" and two support pawns. If you're online, those support pawns are actually other players main pawns, which you can rent from them, so you can play using a friend's handmade character as your backup.
6/3/12 4:37:34PM
Just saw this at the shop, noticed the capcom label. I want it, just have to finish Dark Souls first.
6/4/12 2:39:01AM
You recommend it? I just finished playing through The Witcher 2 twice to get both sides of the story and am ready for a new game.
6/5/12 12:10:37PM
It plays like a dream, although the story isn't exactly up to The Witcher's standards. I couldn't tolerate Witcher's controls though.
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