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POLL: Based on these pictures,how good do you think the DB movie will be?
Looks awesome! Can't wait! 5% (2)
Looks okay 5% (2)
Looks terrible 62% (26)
Undecided.I'll wait for the trailer. 29% (12)
6/2/08 9:26:43AM
In case you haven't herd,they're making a Dragon Ball movie.Here's some pics from the movie.What do you guys think?

6/2/08 12:30:08PM
God, i hope its not going to be as bad as i think its going to be.

I vote Samuel L Jackson for Piccolo
and Danny Devito for Krillin
6/2/08 12:40:02PM
Dude..... I'm so scared right now.
I feel greasy just from seeing images that cheesy.
I thought they were gonna pull an advent children and make it all CG.
6/2/08 1:23:20PM
WTF is a dragon ball anyway?
6/2/08 1:25:56PM

Posted by ncordless

WTF is a dragon ball anyway?

im wondering the same thing
6/2/08 1:33:36PM
Master Roshi played that yum chow fat dude


James Masterson as Piccolo
6/2/08 2:42:12PM
How gay!
6/2/08 2:43:21PM
Goku/ Gohan look like fools

Roshi is spot on, and Picallo has to be black, Samuel L Jackson is a good choice I agree, but how bout Dave Chappelle?


damn i remember when I use to watch this show! all the way up to Dragon Ball GT. but Z and the original were AWESOME, brings me back.


800th Post baby!

EDIT: Krillin should be Mini-Me from Austin Powers

EDIT: spelled Edit eidt.
6/2/08 3:30:25PM

Posted by ncordless

WTF is a dragon ball anyway?

Wow dude cant believe you've never seen it, best Cartoons ever (ever)......they're a bit old now, .....but anyways movie looks gay, at least the pics do, hope they dont put a bad name on it.
6/2/08 3:37:42PM

Posted by ncordless

WTF is a dragon ball anyway?

See there's a huge misunderstanding going on with the "Dragon Ball" so to speak. What is a Dragon Ball you ask? Why do you think they came out with the dragon ball z version? It's supposed to be Dragon Ballz, not Dragon Ball Z. anyways I could elaborate on my theory but... dragon ball's gay
6/2/08 3:41:08PM
Ive always wondered myself what the hell Dragon Ball Z is...Is it one those lame Anime shows...Sorry for those anime fans out there but i think its lame..I'll stick to South Park and Aqua Teen for my cartoons.
6/2/08 3:53:23PM
Justin Chawtin is playing Goku

I belive the Goku picture posted above is actualy a stunt double.I had some pics of Bullma too,but now can't find them.I just found out today these pics were removed on the request of FOX.Looking at them I could see why.Hopefully the finished product looks better.

6/2/08 4:10:42PM
I really hope this is a joke cuz it looks like its going to be really really GAY. Who would be cell
6/2/08 4:19:06PM
As far as I know Cell is not in the movie.As far as I know the characters appearing in the movie are:

Grandfather Gohan
Chi Chi
Master Roshi
mr.Popo (picture supposedly above.Fat monk)

Their's a few more,but no word on Vegeta or Gohan.
6/2/08 4:34:31PM
Oh, wtf? They should have gone the way of Transformers and tried to make it look more 'realistic' or went the way of Speed Racer and just pimped the crap out of it. eh, but what do i know. I remember watching Dragon Ball on saturday mornings and loving it. i just hope this movie isnt as gay as it's looking.
6/2/08 5:56:32PM
what a GAY looking movie!
6/2/08 6:25:52PM
wow some what resembles what mortal kombat looked like

and I was to old to get into the show
6/2/08 6:46:23PM
If this was the cast:


I might be interested.
6/2/08 6:52:13PM

Posted by Copenhagen

If this was the cast:


I might be interested.

awesome cast

LMAO Mr Popo

this cast would cost way too much, just cut DiCaprio, Diaz, Schwartzaneger or however u spell it and ur good.

Goku IMO should be a noname. someone who isn't famous, it would add to the movie in a great way.
6/2/08 7:37:35PM
Bas Rutten should be playing Master Roshi!
6/2/08 7:40:58PM
Now I'm not a Dragonball fan (in fact, I hate it) but it's simple: Live action = FAIL. It needs to be an anime even if means only the diehard fanboys see it (and there's a lot of them out there).
6/2/08 10:06:26PM
i think i have seen every ep. of db, dbz, dbgt. . and the movies. i just dont see them making a movie that would even give the anime any cred. at least not live action it would have to have a ton of cg in it to even make it watchable
6/3/08 6:47:31PM
6/6/08 4:20:21AM
there gonna ruin one of my tv shows growing up
6/18/08 2:58:33PM
Upon looking into this I think they're going to do it right. From the screenshots I've seen it's being made very dark and serious. They're planning a trilogy and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Expect this to be big. With a 100 mil budget for the first movie it'd better be.
6/18/08 4:44:50PM
Yeah with a budget of that size,even if the acting is frail,the CG should be out of this world.
10/1/08 6:55:04AM
Here's some more pics from the Dragon Ball movie.

10/1/08 7:58:28AM

Posted by ncordless

WTF is a dragon ball anyway?

its what a boy dragon uses to get a girl dragon to have a baby dragon

i dont know about you guys but i smell an oscar
10/1/08 9:43:03PM

Posted by gsquat

Upon looking into this I think they're going to do it right.

Come on, do you honestly believe that with the popularity of the anime (with the younger kids) the producers or studio will allow an A or R rated film with a dark plot? No friggin' way. Look at what happened to Alien vs. Predator.

I thought when Mortal Kombat came out it had so much potential to be a grusome movie. You would think that a video game, whose main premise was brutal violence, would follow suit in a film. Instead it was made to target kids that have outgrown Power Rangers. Street Fighter was the same.

The thing is, you take a game or anime with a good story and the movie is lazy because the game already provides the plot/story. Then the movie is either redundant or shallow. You take a game with little or no plot and the movie just tries to live up to that standard, which is low.

Mark my words, this movie will either come off as offering nothing that the game doesn't, with or without it looking like it is borrowing elements from other films whilst set to the tone of a game/anime. Some concepts or stories work well animated and some live action. Hell, even the animatrix sucked ass.
10/2/08 9:55:53AM
I just watched a leaked teaser trailer and it put me somehwere between Mortal Kombat and Power Rangers. Not a good place to be.
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