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7/16/07 3:03:39AM

I don't know what this man has been doing for his whole life, or what his "students" think they're doing, but he gets a pretty rude and hilarious awakening. I like the part where he realizes he doesn't have magical powers and he just payed someone 5 grand to punch and kick him repeatedly in the head.
7/16/07 8:47:48AM
I just watched that last week and my ass off. That old man paid 5000 to get beat up. He should give me a call next time he wants to try it.
7/16/07 8:49:48AM
hahahahahhaa. What a joke. I posted this from Break before. What an idiot.
7/16/07 9:43:34AM
Old, but a classic. Would have been great to see him in a fight against a Nak Muay
4/14/08 10:03:53PM
decided to bump this because I remembered it from a while back and it's still hilarious.
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