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2/27/12 2:54:55PM
1. Huerta UD
2. Starks UD
3. Einemo 1st round submission (heel hook)
4. Makdessi 1st round knockout (head kick)
5. Malegarie 3rd round submission (Armbar)
2/27/12 3:08:11PM
Varner UD
Tavares rd2 tko (gnp)
Olav Einemo rd1 tko (overhand right, follow up)
Prater rd2 tko (injury, broken orbital)
Malegarie UD
2/27/12 6:37:08PM
1. Huerta via SD
2. Tavares via UD
3. Einemo via Rd 1 sub(armbar)
4. Makdessi via Rd 1 KO(flying knee)
5. Malegarie via Rd 2 sub(RNC)
2/27/12 7:11:39PM
Rd 1 Template 5

PROPHECY XTREME FIGHTING presents: PXF 16- Did you miss us?

Main Event
MW Phil Baroni vs Tim Credeur

HW Bob Sapp vs Brad Imes

BW Jens Pulver vs Justin Cruz
WW Shonie Carter vs Yoshiyuki Yoshida
LHW Hector Ramirez vs Jason Guida

Balance 1,296,000

Cost of Card 920,000
2/27/12 7:16:22PM
Phil Baroni R1 KO Punches
Bob Sapp R1 Sub Forearm Choke
Jens Pulver UD
Shonnie Carter 3rd KO HeadKick
Hector Ramirez 3rd TKO. Sloppy punches and sloppy fatigued GnP
2/27/12 7:23:04PM
Baroni SD

Sapp R1 TKO GnP punches

Pulver UD
Carter R2 KO spinning back fist
Ramirez r2 TKO gnp punches

2/27/12 7:28:21PM
1. Credeur 3rd round submission (armbar)
2. Imes 1st round submission (gogoplata)
3. Cruz 1st round submission (guillotine)
4. Yoshida UD
5. Ramirez UD
2/27/12 8:18:03PM
1. Credeur via Rd 1 sub(armbar)
2. Imes via Rd 1 sub(verbal submission from punches)
3. Cruz via Rd 2 sub(RNC)
4. Yoshida via Rd 2 sub(guillotine)
5. Ramirez via UD
2/27/12 10:17:43PM
2/28/12 12:11:05AM
1. Creuder- RD1 SUB (Rear Naked)
2. Imes- RD1 SUB (Arm Triangle)
3. Cruz- RD 2 TKO (Punches)
4. Yoshida- UD
5. Ramirez- UD
2/28/12 3:25:59AM
Thanks Prophecy, if there is any ties on your card you get the final say on the section that is a tie.
2/28/12 3:54:31AM
1. Creuder rd3 sub rnc
2. Sapp rd1 tko punch
3. Cruz UD
4. Yoshida UD
5. Ramirez UD
2/28/12 4:06:11AM

Posted by Rabi

Thanks Prophecy, if there is any ties on your card you get the final say on the section that is a tie.

love that rule!
2/28/12 4:18:43AM
Everyone so far has had at least 1 decision to make, there has been some interesting options.
2/28/12 9:04:37AM
Crazy Tim via R2 Sub (armbar)
Sapp via R1 TKO (punches)
Cruz via UD
Yoshida via UD
Ramirez via UD
2/28/12 9:11:15AM

Posted by emfleek

Sapp via TKO (punches)

This seems like a stupid post as Bob Sapp has never won in the second round. But you forgot to give The Beast his winning round!
2/28/12 9:13:14AM
Dang. This is the 2nd time in 2 days that I've done that.

Thanks for the heads up, Jay.
2/28/12 11:51:25AM
Tim Credeur sub 3 triangle
Bob Sapp ko 1 punch
BW Jens Pulver ko punch rd 1
Yoshiyuki Yoshida rd 2 tko punches
Hector Ramirez UD
2/28/12 4:17:15PM
Rd1 Template 6

Slobber Knockers

Main Event
# "Techno Goliath" Hong Man Choi vs Seth "The Silverback" Petruzelli

CoMain Event
# David "Tank" Abbott vs Bobby Southworth

FW Dokonjonosuke Mishima vs Mitsuhiro "Endless Fighter" Ishida
WW "Smokin'" Joey Villasenor vs "Fast Eddy" Justin Edwards
LW Vagner "Ceara" Rocha vs Alexander "Tiger" Sarnovskiy

# HW Title Eliminator

Balance 1,225,000

Cost of Card 1,070,000
2/28/12 4:23:41PM
HMC via R1 Submission (strikes)
Southworth via R1 Submission (rear naked choke)
Ishida via Split Decision
Edwards via Unanimous Decision
Sarnovskiy via Unanimous Decision
2/28/12 4:31:44PM
1. Choi- RD1 TKO (Punches)
2. Southwoth- RD1 SUB (Rear Naked)
3. Mishima- SD
4. Edwards- UD
5. Rocha- RD2 SUB (Triangle)
2/28/12 4:54:08PM

# "Techno Goliath" Hong Man Choi rd 1 tko punches
side note this would be the most hilarious fight ever
Bobby Southworth rd 1 sub rnc
Mitsuhiro "Endless Fighter" Ishida ud
"Fast Eddy" Justin Edwards ud
LW Vagner "Ceara" Rocha rd 1 sub armbar
2/28/12 5:29:02PM
1. Choi rd1 tko punch
2. Abbott rd1 tko punch
3. Ishida UD
4. Villasenor rd2 tko punches
5. Sarnovskiy rd2 tko spinning back fist
2/28/12 5:50:40PM
Seth 1st KO Spinning Heel Kick
Tank 1st KO punch
Ishada UD
Edwards UD
Rocha 1st Armbar
2/28/12 8:38:50PM
1. Petruzelli 2nd round tko (leg kick and punches)
2. Southworth 1st round submission (RNC)
3. Ishida SD
4. Villasenor SD
5. Sarnovskiy UD
2/28/12 8:53:04PM
1. Petruzelli via Rd 1 sub(heel hook)
2. Southworth via Rd 1 tko(referee stoppage - g'n'p)
3. Ishida via SD
4. Villasenor via UD
5. Sarnovskiy via UD
2/28/12 11:32:41PM
Hong Man Choi rd1 tko (Beast Mode)
Southworth rd1 sub (guillotine)
Ishida UD
Villasenor rd2 tko (elbows from clinch)
Rocha rd3 sub (RnC)
2/29/12 8:43:43AM

Posted by prophecy033

Hong Man Choi rd1 tko (Beast Mode)

So he either trains with Marshawn Lynch or Optimus Primal+Cheetor+Rinox+Ratrap+Dinobot...or maybe...BOTH
2/29/12 8:46:13AM

Posted by jjeans

Seth 1st KO Spinning Heel Kick

To what...the thigh?
2/29/12 8:57:31AM
Just waiting on Prophecy to edit his post and then I will update the picks.
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