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2/23/12 3:49:34PM
Peter Graham is one lonely dude
2/23/12 3:53:36PM
WAIT!!! Can we find out for sure who's done bidding and who's not before you count my bids, Ray? It would definitely affect my bidding if I'm going to be the only one doing the bidding!
2/23/12 3:58:32PM
im bidding
2/23/12 4:02:16PM
If ever your the only one bidding I will PM you and give you the option to buy any remainding fighter at 1K each, I did that in the last game as well.

You have to assume that there was 4 of us still bidding.
2/23/12 4:04:18PM


Peter Graham - Rabi 10K


Andrew Craig - Poor_Franklin 11K
Robert McDaniel - Poor_Franklin 11K


Bogdan Cristea - Rabi 10K
Rich Taylor - emfleek 29K - Poor_Franklin 11K - Rabi 10K
Yaotzin Meza - emfleek 29K - Poor_Franklin 11K - Rabi 10K


Shintaro Ishiwatari - emfleek 49K - Rabi 10K
Erik Perez - emfleek 49K
Jessie Riggleman - emfleek 89K - Poor_Franklin 11K
2/23/12 4:08:52PM
lol that was quick!
2/23/12 4:15:55PM
1. Rabi

Peter Graham 10K
Bogdan Cristea 10K

Total Spent


New Balance


2. Poor_Franklin

Andrew Craig 11K
Robert McDaniel 11K

Total Spent


New Balance


3. emfleek

Rich Taylor 29K
Yaotzin Meza 29K
Shintaro Ishiwatari 49K
Erik Perez 49K
Jessie Riggleman 89K

Total Spent


New Balance

2/23/12 4:22:34PM

1. jjeans 1,677,000
2. Prophecy 1,296,000
3. Rabi 1,246,000
4. Poor_Franklin 1,225,000
5. emfleek 1,191,000
6. Playground_Samurai 1,184,000
7. Budge 1,121,000
8. hashyandy 1,041,000
9. airkerma 491,000
2/23/12 4:48:17PM
Jessie Riggleman 89K - 89k's more than I spent on more than any of my fighters

Posted by Rabi


1. jjeans

Get used to seeing it boys
2/23/12 5:18:51PM
Amazingly all the fighters have been purchased, you can now start posting your cards.
2/23/12 5:22:18PM
Spawl and Brawl Entertainment Presents:
High Definition Martial Arts 1: Piranha vs The Heat

Main Event + Co Main:
*WW, Karo "The Heat" Parisyan vs Ryo "Piranha" Chonan
*WW Corey Hill vs Myles Jury

Main Card:
MW: Kalib Starnes vs Alex Reid
LW: Anton Kuivanen vs “hArmless” Nick Newell
BW: Cory Tait vs Jesse Newell

*Welterweight Title Eliminator


Balance: 1,677,000
Cost: 1,050,000
New Balance: 591,000
2/23/12 5:37:36PM
Rabi's Fighting Championship 1

Presents 'Bare Knuckle'

Main Event

HW Butterbean v Ray Mercer

Co Main Event

BW TJ Dillashaw v Patrick Holohan

Main Card

LW Tim Means v Matt Veach
WW Joe Ellenberger v Jordan Smith
MW Joe Doerksen v Nate James
2/23/12 5:44:07PM
Big Time MMA Presents: The Revival

Main Event – Aaron Riley (0-0 BTM) vs. Conor “Hurricane” Huen (0-0 BTM)

Co-Main Event – Antoni Hardonk (0-0 BTM) vs. Bobby “Zombie” Brents (0-0 BTM)

Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford (0-0 BTM) vs. Keith “The Polish Connection” Wisniewski (0-0 BTM)

Hermes Franca (0-0 BTM) vs. Curt “The War” Warburton (0-0 BTM)

Gian Villante (0-0 BTM) vs. Nik “The Machete” Fekete (0-0 BTM)
2/23/12 6:08:46PM
Z-Fighters United 1 (ZFU 1) WE'RE BACK!!

Main Event
WW 1. Roger Huerta (0-0 ZFU) vs Jamie Varner (0-0 ZFU)

Co-Main Event
MW 2. Brad Tavares (0-0 ZFU) vs. Clifford Starks (0-0 ZFU)

3rd Bout Of The Night
HW 3. Jon Olav Einemo (0-0 ZFU) vs Jim York (0-0 ZFU)

2nd Bout Of The Night
LW 4. John Makdessi (0-0 ZFU) vs Carlo Prater (0-0 ZFU)

Opening Bout Of The Night
FW 5. Nazereno Malegarie (0-0 ZFU) vs Dustin Neace (0-0 ZFU)
2/23/12 6:27:32PM
PROPHECY XTREME FIGHTING presents: PXF 16- Did you miss us?

Main Event
MW Phil Baroni vs Tim Credeur

HW Bob Sapp vs Brad Imes

BW Jens Pulver vs Justin Cruz
WW Shonie Carter vs Yoshiyuki Yoshida
LHW Hector Ramirez vs Jason Guida
2/23/12 7:24:44PM
Slobber Knockers

Main Event
# "Techno Goliath" Hong Man Choi vs Seth "The Silverback" Petruzelli

CoMain Event
# David "Tank" Abbott vs Bobby Southworth

FW Dokonjonosuke Mishima vs Mitsuhiro "Endless Fighter" Ishida
WW "Smokin'" Joey Villasenor vs "Fast Eddy" Justin Edwards
LW Vagner "Ceara" Rocha vs Alexander "Tiger" Sarnovskiy

# HW Title Eliminator
2/23/12 10:11:34PM
The one, the only, the extrodinary Fightarium League: The Awesome Before the Storm
Main Event:
LHW: Razak Al Hassan vs Steve Cantwell
Co-Main Event:
MW: Nate Quarry vs Jay Silva
Main Card:
WW Luigi Fiorivanti vs Rich Clementi
LW Michael Johnson vs Shamar Bailey
MW Dongi Yang vs Eric Schaefer
2/24/12 2:15:20AM
BattleDome Championship
Candy Rain
Main Event
HW -
Herschel Walker vs Ron "The Monster" Sparks
Featured Bouts
MW -
Chris Camozzi vs Mike Massenzio
LHW - Rodney "Sho Nuff the Master" Wallace vs Anthony "A-Train" Ruiz
FW - Jeff "Ippon" Lawson vs Waylon Lowe
WW - Steve Carl vs Forrest "The Meat Cleaver" Petz
Prelim on MMAPlayground
Alexandre "Cacareco" Ferreira vs Matt "The Duke" Lucas
2/24/12 9:21:36AM

Posted by Poor_Franklin

FW Dokonjonosuke

Can't tell if being trolled or if his parents got really really bored at lamaze class...
2/24/12 9:29:24AM

LIVE! from Hammond High School
Hammond, Indiana
February 25, 2012 | 8:00pm CT

[ | MAIN EVENT | ]
WW: Jorge "Lil' Monster" Lopez (0-0) vs. Tim "The Wrecking Machine" McKenzie (0-0)

FW: Daniel Straus (0-0) vs. Rich Taylor (0-0)

BW: Jessie "Mountain Man" Riggleman (0-0) vs. Akiyo "Wicky Akiyo" Nishiura (0-0)
FW: Kyoji Horiguchi (0-0) vs. Wataru Takashi (0-0)
FW: Danny Tins (0-0) vs. Jae Hyun So (0-0)
2/24/12 9:50:41AM
All cards are up, I will do the necessary checks and post card no 1 tonight after work!
2/24/12 1:02:22PM
Rd 1, Template 1

Spawl and Brawl Entertainment Presents:
High Definition Martial Arts 1: Piranha vs The Heat

Main Event + Co Main:
*WW, Karo "The Heat" Parisyan vs Ryo "Piranha" Chonan
*WW Corey Hill vs Myles Jury

Main Card:
MW: Kalib Starnes vs Alex Reid
LW: Anton Kuivanen vs “hArmless” Nick Newell
BW: Cory Tait vs Jesse Newell

*Welterweight Title Eliminator

Balance 1,677,000

Cost of Card 1,050,000
2/24/12 1:20:14PM
1. Chonan UD
2. Jury rd2 tko gnp punches
3. Starnes UD
4. Kuivanen rd2 sub rnc
5. Newell rd2 sub rnc
2/24/12 1:21:07PM
Karo Parisyan via Unanimous Decision
Myles Jury via R2 Submission (kimura)
Kalib Starnes via Split Decision
Anton Kuivanen via R1 Submission (armbar)
Jesse Newell via R1 Submission (bulldog choke)
2/24/12 1:24:11PM
1. Chonan- SD
2. Jury- RD2 TKO (Punches)
3. Starnes- UD
4. Kuivanen- UD
5. Tait- SD
2/24/12 1:33:27PM
Main Event + Co Main:
Parisyan SD
Jury R2 sub (armbar)

Main Card:
Starnes SD
Kuivanen R1 TKO (Side mount/knees to body/ref stoppage)
J Newell UD

2/24/12 1:54:55PM
1. Karo SD
2. Jury rd1 tko knees to body
3. Starnes UD
4. Kuivanen rd2 sub rnc
5. Newell rd3 sub armbar
2/24/12 1:55:33PM
Nicks vs The Heat?

Karo "The Heat" Parisyan UD
Corey Hill tko 2 punches
Kalib Starnes rd 2 rnc
Nick Newell rd 1 armbar
Cory Tait rd 1 tko punches
2/24/12 4:02:23PM
1. Parisyan UD
2. Jury 2nd round submission (RNC)
3. Starnes UD
4. Kuivanen 1st round submission (armbar)
5. Tait UD
2/25/12 3:40:56AM
Chonan via SD
Jury via Rd 2 sub(RNC)
Starnes via UD
Kuivanen via Rd 1 sub(RNC)
Tait via Rd 2 KO/TKO(punch)
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