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6/17/12 12:35:55PM
1. Rocha via Rd 4 sub(heel hook)
2. Delorme via Rd 3 sub(RNC)
3. Broughton via UD
4. Shalorous via UD
5. Villefort via SD
6. Grice via UD
7. Horn via Rd 3 sub(triangle choke)
8. Evangelista via Rd 2 KO(flying knee)
9. Smith via Rd 1 KO(Punch)
10. Choi via Rd 2 TKO(doctor stoppage)
6/17/12 1:23:05PM
1. Rocha- UD
2. Delorme- RD2 SUB (Rear Naked)
3. Sanchez- RD3 TKO (Punches)
4. Shalorous- SD
5. Villefort- UD
6. Grice- UD
7. Horn- RD1 SUB (Armbar)
8. Evangelista- UD
9. Smith- RD1 TKO (Punches)
10. Buentello- RD1 TKO (Punches)
6/17/12 6:29:12PM

1. P_F

Precise Precision

5 Tournament Finals!!!!!


WW Finals- vs Carlos Eduardo Rocha (1-0) (for vacant WW title) rd 2 triangle

BW Finals- Roland Delorme (1-0) (for vacant BW title) ud
HW Finals- Rob Broughton (2-1) (for title shot vs (C) McCorkle) ud
LW Finals- Cole Miller (1-0) (for title shot vs (C) Kelly) rd 1 armbar
MW Finals- Jay Silva (2-1) ) (for title shot vs (C) Yang) ko rd 2 punch

FW- Matt Grice (00-0) (for title shot vs (C) Ishida) ud
LHW- Jeremy Horn (title shot vs (C) Reljic) rd 2 armbar
LW- Billy Evangelista (0-0) sd
WW- Scott Smith (0-1) rd 3 tko punches
HW- -1) vs Hong Man Choi (2-2) rd 3 tko punches



Cost of Card

6/19/12 2:08:55AM
Rocha UD
Valencia rd1 tko (punches)
Broughton rd2 sub (arm-triangle)
Shalorous UD
Silva rd3 tko(injury)
Grice UD
Horn rd3 sub (triangle)
Delgado SD
McKenzie UD
Choi rd1 tko (punches)
6/19/12 2:34:52AM
2. jjeans

Spawl and Brawl Entertainment Presents:
High Definition Martial Arts 5: Genghis vs Irish Hand Grenade

Main Event:
Welterweight Championship: Rick Hawn vs Marcus Davis (c)

Maiquel Jose Falcao vs Francis Carmont

Main Card:
Lightweight Championship: Rob Sinclair (c) vs Myles Jury
John Maguire vs Matt Brown

And The fight the critics and media are calling a human torture:
Paul "Sassangle" Sass vs "Armless" Nick Newell

MMA Mental Prelims:
Middleweight Championship: The Rematch: James Head (c) vs Gerald Harris II
Heavyweight Championship - Mike Hayes vs Patrick Smith (c)

Facebook Prelims
Leonard Garcia vs Akira Corrasani
Cyrille Diabate vs Trevor Prangley
Philip De Fries vs Marcio Cruz



Cost of Card

6/19/12 9:17:54AM
Marcus Davis (c) tko punches rd 3
Maiquel Jose Falcao rd 2 rnc
Myles Jury UD
John Maguire rd 3 armbar
Paul "Sassangle" Sass rd 1 armbar
Gerald Harris II UD
Patrick Smith (c) ko punches rd 3
Akira Corrasani UD
Cyrille Diabate UD
Philip De Fries tko punches rd 1
6/19/12 9:58:45AM
1. Hawn via Rd 1 KO(Head kick and punches)
2. Carmont via UD
3. Sinclair via Rd 3 KO(punches)
4. Maguire via Rd 2 sub(guillotine)
5. Sass via Rd 1 sub(heel hook)
6. Harris via SD
7. Hayes via UD
8. Garcia via Rd 2 KO(punches)
9. Diabate via UD
10. Cruz via Rd 2 sub(kimura)
6/19/12 11:33:45AM
1. Hawn- RD1 TKO (Punches)
2. Carmont- UD
3. Sinclair- RD2 TKO (Punches)
4. Maguire- UD
5. Sass- RD1 SUB (Triangle)
6. Harris- SD
7. Hayes- UD
8. Garcia- SD
9. Diabate- RD2 TKO (Punches)
10. De Fries- UD
6/19/12 2:38:46PM
Hawn rd2 sub (guillotine)
Carmont UD
Jury SD
Brown rd1 tko (gnp)
Sass UD
Harris UD
Hayes rd1 ko (punch)
Garcia UD
Diabate UD
De Fries rd1 tko (gnp)
6/19/12 5:38:59PM
1. Hawn 1st round tko (punch)
2. Carmont UD
3. Sinclair 3rd round tko (upkicks)
4. Maguire 2nd round submission (guillotine)
5. Sass UD
6. Harris UD
7. Mike Hayes UD
8. Garcia SD
9. Prangley UD
10. De Fries UD
6/20/12 12:20:56PM
1. Hawn rd3 tko gnp punches
2. Falcao UD
3. Sinclair rd2 tko punches
4. Maguire rd2 sub rnc
5. Sass rd1 sub heel hook
6. Head UD
7. Hayes rd1 sub strikes (tap)
8. Garcia UD
9. Prangley rd1 sub rnc
10. Fries UD
6/20/12 4:00:13PM
Hawn UD
Carmont R3 KO (RHK)
Sinclair R2 TKO (punches)
Brown SD
Sass R1 (RNC)
Head UD
Hayes SD
Corrasani UD
Prangley SD
DeFries UD

sorry for the delay guys. just got back in town.
6/20/12 8:08:34PM
Its no problem mate, you havent held the game up.
6/20/12 8:34:15PM
3. hashy

Z-Fighters United 5 (ZFU 5) June Jamboree

Main Event for LW Title
LW 1. (c) Anthony Njokuani (2-0 ZFU) vs Charles Oliveira (1-0 ZFU)

Co-Main Event for WW Title
WW 2. (c) Matt Serra (2-0 ZFU) vs Yoshihiro Akiyama (1-0 ZFU)

3rd Bout of Main Card for HW Title
HW 3. (c) Pedro Rizzo (2-0 ZFU) vs Aleksander Emelianenko (1-0 ZFU)

2nd Bout of Main Card for Vacant LHW Title
LHW 4. Krzysztof Soszynski (1-0 ZFU) vs Lorenz Larkin (2-0 ZFU)

Opening Bout of Main Card
WW 5. Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos (0-1 ZFU) vs Amir Sadollah (1-0 ZFU)

MW 6. Cung Le (1-0 ZFU) vs Ikuhisa Minowa (1-2 ZFU)

LW 7. Yves Edwards (0-1 ZFU) vs Jamie Varner (2-2 ZFU)

WW 8. Duane Ludwig (0-1 ZFU) vs Roger Huerta (2-2 ZFU)

FW 9. Daniel Straus (0-1 ZFU) vs Maximo Blanco (1-2 ZFU)

LW 10. John Makdessi (1-2 ZFU) vs John Cholish (1-0 ZFU)



Cost of Card

6/20/12 8:49:19PM
1. Oliveira 2nd round submission (heel hook)
2. Akiyama SD
3. Rizzo 3rd round tko (punches)
4. K Sos UD
5. Sadollah 2nd round submission (armbar)
6. Le 3rd round tko (head kick)
7. Varner UD
8. Huerta 2nd round submission (rnc)
9. Straus UD
10. Cholish 1st round submission (kneebar)
6/20/12 10:11:18PM
1. Oliveira via Rd 1 sub(armbar)
2. Akiyama via SD
3. Emelianenko via Rd 1 KO(Punch)
4. Soszynski via SD
5. Sadollah via Rd 2 TKO(punches)
6. Le via Rd 1 KO(spinning back kick and punches)
7. Varner via Rd 2 KO(punches)
8. Ludwig via SD
9. Struas via SD
10. Cholish via Rd 2 sub(RNC)

6/20/12 11:44:08PM
Anthony Njokuani rd2 tko(elbows from guard)
Yoshihiro Akiyama rd1 ko(headkick)
Aleksander Emelianenko rd1 tko(punches)
Krzysztof Soszynski rd1 sub(Modified Kimura)
Amir Sadollah UD
Cung Le SD
Yves Edwards UD
Duane Ludwig rd3 tko(punches)
Maximo Blanco rd2 sub(guillotine)
John Cholish UD
6/21/12 5:07:18AM
Oliveira R2 sub (rnc)
Akiyama ud
Aleks R3 tko (punches)
larkin ud
Sadollah ud
Minowa R3 sub (heelhook)
Edwards UD
Ludwig UD
Blanco R3 TKO (punches)
Cholish SD
6/21/12 9:39:56AM
Charles Oliveira (1-0 ZFU) rd 1 sub darce
Yoshihiro Akiyama (1-0 ZFU) UD
Aleksander Emelianenko (1-0 ZFU) tko punches rd 2
LHW 4. Krzysztof Soszynski (1-0 ZFU) rd 3 kimura
Amir Sadollah (1-0 ZFU) SD
MW 6. Cung Le (1-0 ZFU) tko kick and punches rd 2
LW 7. Yves Edwards (0-1 ZFU) rd 1 ko punch
WW 8. Duane Ludwig (0-1 ZFU) UD
FW 9. Daniel Straus (0-1 ZFU) UD
LW 10. John Makdessi (1-2 ZFU) UD
6/21/12 11:21:03AM
Oliviera 1st Sub Darce
Serra 3rd KO Punch
Rizzo UD
Soszynski 3rd Kimura
Sadollah UD
Varner 1st TKO Punches
Huerta 1st RNC
Blanco UD
Cholish SD
6/21/12 4:11:23PM
1. Oliviera d1 sub calf slicer
2. Serra UD
3. Emelianenko rd1 tko punch
4. Soszynski rd3 tko punches
5. Sadollah UD
6. Le rd3 tko crescent kick
7. Varner rd1 sub rnc
8. Huerta SD
9. Straus UD
10. Makdessi rd2 tko spinning back fist
6/21/12 4:53:29PM
4. airkerma

Dr. Parnassus Presents: Guys with funny names!
Main Event:
Jadamba Narantungalag 420k (0-0) vs Shamar Bailey 110K (0-0)
Co Main Event:
Nam Jin Jo (0-0) 130k vs Farkhad Sharipov (0-0)
Main Card
Fredson Paixo (0-0) 200k vs Tiequan Zhang (0-0) 570K
Moise Rimbon (0-0) 170k vs Marcus Vanttinen (0-0) 150k
Jorge Rivera (0-0) 530K vs Mario Miranda (0-0) 430K



Cost of Card

6/21/12 5:00:51PM
1. Narantungalag UD
2. Sharipov UD
3. Zhang rd2 sub neck crank
4. Vanttinen UD
5. Rivera rd2 tko punches
6/21/12 5:04:59PM

Bailey R1 TKO (punches)
Sharipov SD
Zhang UD
Rimbon UD
Rivera R2 KO (Right hook)
6/21/12 5:05:55PM
Bailey 1st TKO Punches from the guard
Sharipov 1st KO matrix run across the cage wall jump off the wall, in the air spin and land a spinning backfist

(really hope you win KOTR Airkerma, you need some money for a couple of big names

Zhang 1st Guillitone
Rimbon 1st Guilltione
Mario Miranda 1st RNC
6/21/12 5:30:50PM
Narantungalag 1st round tko (punch)
Sharipov UD
Paixo UD
Rimbon UD
Rivera 1st round tko (punches)
6/21/12 6:01:10PM
1. Narantungalag- UD
2. Sharipov- UD
3. Paixo- UD
4. Rimbon- UD
5. Rivera- RD2 TKO (Punches)
6/21/12 7:04:06PM
Narantungalag via Rd 1 KO(flying knee)
Sharipov via UD
Paixo via Rd 1 sub(guillotine)
Rimbon via UD
Miranda via UD
6/22/12 4:07:15PM
Bailey rd2 tko (punches)
Sharipov UD
Zhang rd1 ko (kick)
Rimbon UD
Rivera rd1 tko (punches)
6/24/12 8:16:40AM
Just waiting on P_S to edit one of his picks.
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