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9/29/08 4:51:11PM
Now that the other two notable lhw's are gonna be fighting n the ufc after the dilution of theyre wec weightclass, does anybody know what the story is on the rhino?....i dont know if hes ufc material, espcially with how stacked that division is...but he should get atleast one crack.....the cantwell stann fight almost seems to be a "winner stays with Zuffa" type fight (not too mention the military background will be a big seller for this card alone)....i imagine filho is gonna cross over of course....but not much has been said about the rhino? anybody know??
9/29/08 4:57:14PM
LOL, i doubt it man. I wouldnt want to see it anyways, IMO in terms of UFC LHW talent he would be a D -
9/29/08 4:58:24PM
I don't know about Rhino, but i think he isn't UFC caliber..

But there's some fighters in LHW, which isn't UFC caliber too, so why not put Rhino there?

A fight against Eric Schafer, David Heath, even Houston Alexander, would be good.

And I think Paulo FIlho will not even pass from Sonnen. I'm brazilian but i'm being realistic, in their next fight he was better mentally and almost lost, now with all his problems, I think he'll get overwelmed by Sonnen.

9/29/08 8:27:11PM
Is he even still under contract with WEC, I remember hearing about him fighting somewhere else.
9/29/08 10:11:05PM
he will fight with pfc
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