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3/19/13 9:42:05PM
This shit must be contagious or something:

3/19/13 10:00:06PM
Lol, wow. I'm surprised the ref let it go there.
3/19/13 10:05:59PM
I'm kind of happy the ref let it go, but he called a good stoppage
3/19/13 11:05:39PM
I forget if the unified rules have anything on double knockdowns/knockouts. Was it fair to let the fight go when one guy was obviously recovering/recovered much quicker? Should there be a ten count in that situation? (my rules would be: Neither fighter gets up it's a draw by double ko, one fighter gets up they win, both get up the fight resumes)

Ultimately though, an entertaining view
3/19/13 11:08:47PM
The guy that won looked like he was out cold for a brief second, but he recovered much quicker than the other guy, I'm not sure about the reffing that was a 50-50 call during the moment so I think it was okay either way.
3/20/13 4:40:39AM
thats the kind of instincts you need from refs in the ufc. Give that man a reffing contract asap !
3/20/13 11:20:49AM

Posted by aussiemma

thats the kind of instincts you need from refs in the ufc. Give that man a reffing contract asap !

And a haircut! But seriously, that was awesom.
3/20/13 1:54:16PM
I like the fact that he let them both go....they pretty much recovered at the same time (initially) the the fighter in the white trunks started throwing again and the ref stopped it quickly. I think he handled it pretty good.
3/21/13 1:15:12PM
i think the ref did the right thing. they both went down but actually i thought they both reacted pretty quick after they hit the ground. the ref probably could have justified stopping it a little earlier but the guy on bottom wasnt taking a ton of abuse he just wasnt really fighting back. good video though