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5/8/11 3:24:25PM
The Nogueira brother's boxing coach Luis Carlos Dorea did an interview with Tatame where he spoke about his disciple Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and how he's coming along in his recuperation from injury. The topic of UFC 134 came up, and Dorea was quite clear that Big Nog could be on the card. But it all comes down to his health:

Everybody's looking forward to see Rodrigo fighting in UFC Rio. Is he getting ready to go and fight on this event?
Dorea: As for Rodrigo, he’s doing super fine. Rodrigo is going through much physiotherapy, he’s seeing how things are, but we first have to check his conditions, his health. If he’s good to go, I don’t see any problems. The thing isn’t about the fight, but the trainings. The trainings are hard, and Rodrigo trains like twice, three times a day, so he has to be good, 100% healed so that he can train hard and don’t feel a thing. Rodrigo’s doing just fine, we’ll all support him.

5/8/11 9:04:05PM
Give him Schaub
5/8/11 11:53:54PM
They should give him an opponent that won't overwhelm him just in case the time off hasn't being a fountain of youth for Big Nog. See how he is doing before they throw him back in the fire.
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