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12/18/11 3:14:31PM
Mitsuhiro Ishida spent a significant amount of time in his career as a very tough out in the lightweight division. He's one of only two men to score a victory over current Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez and has fought in Strikeforce, DREAM, PRIDE, Shooto and DEEP.

His career seems to be winding down now as, after being knocked out by Doo Ho Choi at DEEP 56 this weekend, he has dropped four of his previous six bouts with three of those losses being by a form of knockout. He dropped to featherweight at DREAM 15 and won 2 fights but now has lost two in a row including a split decision against Joachim Hansen.

Here's the video of the fight

12/18/11 3:16:57PM
He's on a very impressive run. Get this kid in the UFC now before Bellator scoops him up.
12/18/11 6:51:38PM
good knees, good killer instinct, i dont know if he's quite ready for the ufc. im not saying he isnt i just havent seen or heard much about choi other than this. as for ishida, i knew it was gonna go south for him when i saw his shot and kicks. very sloppy. cant be great forever. maybe him and pulver should fight.
12/18/11 7:45:26PM
Sad news for me being a massive Ishida fan, he's just that underdog guy that no one expects to win then he would somehow pull it off.
12/18/11 7:47:39PM
i like how he threw knees like they were jabs haha ufc sign em up
12/19/11 12:22:38PM
He looks legitimate. If he can improve on his boxing, he would resemble the Diaz brothers.
12/19/11 12:49:43PM
I guess he's no longer the endless fighter
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