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POLL: Rosie vs Donald
Donald 1st Round KO 29% (4)
Rosie 1st Round KO 43% (6)
Donald 2nd Round KO 7% (1)
Rosie 2nd Round KO 14% (2)
Donald 3rd Round KO 0% (0)
Rosie 3rd Round KO 7% (1)
2/17/07 11:35:01PM
who would win
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2/17/07 11:46:31PM
Donald Trumps hair
2/17/07 11:53:43PM
I think Rosie in 2nd round KO. Trump's conditioning would start wearing off after the first round and Rosie would ground and pound him to a victory.
2/18/07 12:21:32AM
Donald is an uber millionaire. He could just pay her to stand still while he beats the crap out of her. And she looks like she has a price within his range.
2/18/07 12:32:28AM
cant believe i actually voted..
2/18/07 2:12:23AM
I meant Donald Trump by a hair
2/18/07 4:54:56AM
Donald via spinning backfist into omaplata and heelhook combo. Just as long as Rosie dies though, I'll be happy.
2/18/07 11:20:52AM
Rosie cuz she could just lay on don and he would suffocate
2/19/07 11:20:50AM
I don't think fat Rosie has the stamina to go past round 2 plus Donald can get wrestling training from Vince McMahon of the WWE. So it's Trump by hurricanrana into a triangle choke.
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