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7/15/12 9:33:08PM

Former lightweight training partners Donald Cerrone and Melvin Guillard will meet Aug. 11 at UFC 150 in Denver, the promotion announced Friday.

Cerrone and Guillard once trained together at Team Jackson-Winkeljohn in Albuquerque, N.M. During their stint at Jackson's the 155-pound title contenders became friends. But that won't prevent them from going hard at one another on fight night. "Two best friends fighting," Guillard said on Twitter. "We are about to kick each other in the face. Fun times, right!"

this should insure fireworks in the octagon
7/15/12 10:11:17PM
7/15/12 10:23:42PM
i see melvin tearing cerrone up untill melvin gets a little too cocky then cerrone will clamp up a sub, most likely late 2nd or in the 3rd
7/16/12 11:19:40AM
Good fight! I see Cerrone taking out Guillard like Lauzon. Using the length, dropping Melvin and finishing with a sub (RNC of course )
7/16/12 4:27:35PM
SWEET! This is one I have wanted to see for a while. Both guys are awesome. I was surprised when he lost to J-Lau and then he dropped another, I was nervous he would get bounced out of the UFC. This should be a war. Both guys are electric in the Octagon. Cant wait.
7/16/12 5:06:28PM
I was wondering if they still trained together, but I guess Guillard just had a short time with Jackson's, maybe trained there for a fight or two.

I don't think they're best friends, though. Cerrone's best friend is Garcia.