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7/20/08 11:07:11AM
Did anyone else notice at the affliction show how they announced Don Johnson's name as a celebrity in the audience, but not Michael Madsen? I dunno why but that just pissed me off. Then, after the Fedor fight Don Johnson got in the ring with Fedor! I wonder if Russia has a man-crush on Don Johnson kind of like Germany has a man crush on the Hoff.

Also, The Undertaker looked freakin ripped.

Jenna looked even more coked out and ugly than usual.

Trump's hair is quite possibly the worst hair piece I've ever seen.

7/20/08 11:36:51AM
Yes please tell me all the celebs and pro atheletes who are there- if they watch and i watch its like we watched together.......

hey remember when you me and strayhorn spent the evenning with Jenna...
7/20/08 1:40:52PM
Jenna definetly looked like she had just mainlined about a kilo of blow. I'm ashamed of myself for having ever produced wood while watching that wretched gargoyle defile herself.
7/20/08 4:00:10PM

7/20/08 8:12:02PM
I just remember sayin "WTF is Don Johnson doin in the ring?"
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