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7/10/08 3:53:57PM

i didn't think it was gonna be real but it damn sure is!! its pretty entertaining while it lasts:thumbsup
7/10/08 3:57:42PM
yea this is old (one of the Pride shows i think), what is missing is the back story to it, cant remember all the details, but Frye had beat up one of those guys before in the parking lot, than they went at it again in the lobby. anyways Frye got handled in that one, but he was also drunk.
7/10/08 3:59:42PM
Yea F*CK you too!.......just playin but yea i havent heard about this before hmmm...
7/10/08 6:02:19PM
Hopefully it was that guy he beat in the parking lot because he got him good , drunk or not
7/10/08 6:27:37PM
Don Frye is an American legend and a heroe to us all.From what I herd Frye beat the guy after this in the parking lot.Rumors,rumors,rumors.
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