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8/29/12 11:27:57PM
Here's the first released trailer for an upcoming short film starring Don Frye. An action/comedy that will start the international film festival circuit next month.

Badass Brock is badass, so badass, in fact, he wears leather pants, and has a bigger pistol than you could ever hope for. Bottom line, he's the best damn agent there is. When he's paralyzed from an explosion and fired from the Agency, Brock is pissed. With a new set of wheels, Brock's going to have to kick some ass to save his old boss and partner from the clutches of a sinister arms-dealer.
8/30/12 12:47:54AM
Badass Brock?

Vikingr better be in it wearing a cutoff shirt to show off his 2 inch biceps
8/30/12 12:25:53PM
Yeah Don wasn't too happy with the name at first...actually here's an article about that.

"Don Frye HATES Brock Lesnar; new name for Badass Brock?"
In it's conception, Badass Brock was originally looking towards casting Michael Bailey Smith in the title role of Brock Bannon. However, after reading the script, Don Frye got back and was very enthusiastic about the project, under one condition: the name must change. The chance to work with the original UFC legend blew me away. I had grown up as a kid watching Don Frye fight and playing as Don in video games. Unfortunately, Don Frye is a man of strong opinions. He had been in a rash of articles slamming ex world heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.
Having Don on the project was amazing, but he was definitively set against being called Brock. The alliteration was necessary in creating a memorable title, Badass Brock Bannon had a great ring to it. The character's name, Brock Bannon, comes from a mash-up of badass cartoon characters; Brock Samson and Race Bannon. Race Bannon the ex-secret agent and bodyguard in Johnny Quest, and Brock Samson the "murder machine" and bodyguard in the Venture Bros. (Brock Samson is also based on Race Bannon). I kept the name alive, combining the two, creating Brock Bannon, the Badass Agent working for the IIA.
However, Don being the ex champ could not stand the idea of being called Brock and being compared to Lesnar. After much brainstorming and debate, Don came up with Bart after his dog, and I with Brick. Neither quite had the ring or significance of the original name. After months of brainstorming, going over the pro's and con's of different possible names, and a little help from Don's wife, we, in the end, managed to stick with Brock