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4/3/12 12:20:56AM
Don Frye debuted in the UFC in February 1996.

Sixteen years later, the two-time UFC tournament champion joined the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Savage Dog Show” to discuss his time in the sport, his views on today’s stars and more.

4/3/12 12:22:50AM
“I’d have to be serious. The last time out, I didn’t show the sport any respect or my opponent any respect, and he kicked my ass. I deserved it. Ruben Villareal, he stomped the s--t out of me and I deserved it because I thought I’d go in there just as Don Frye and my press clippings would impress him. Apparently he never learned to read on the reservation. He wasn’t impressed with my print.”

Man, i LOVE this guy
4/3/12 2:13:02AM
don frye is a badass. i obviously dont know the whole story but he keeps indicating that he has no money. a guy with that kind of personality should be on talk shows, movies, tv shows, all kinds of shit. with that mustache and "always pissed" look, i think the movie industry is where he should be. he was awesome to watch in his prime.

i think Stallone should have picked him up for a part in "The Expendables 2", where you at SLY????

Don Frye at his greatest <---- take a guest what vid this is
4/3/12 2:37:09AM

Posted by tcunningham

Don Frye at his greatest <---- take a guest what vid this is

Only the greatest Scrap of all
4/3/12 11:45:23AM
P4P - - - The Best Drinker in MMA
4/3/12 3:49:58PM
He was great on inside MMA last Halloween. He was dressed as Magnum PI I'm pretty sure he was drunk and Bas and Kenny had to cut him off several times. I really miss his ask Don segments in you tube from the IFL days.
4/3/12 10:56:56PM
He can't afford to order MMA PPVs? BS....I don't buy that at all.
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