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5/3/13 2:03:01PM
We have a event NEXT weekend so get those picks in STAT
5/3/13 2:26:35PM
We do?
5/3/13 2:49:40PM
I think my boy proph is jumping the gun.
5/3/13 2:58:06PM
Ok, next weekend

But that means you have more than enough time
5/3/13 2:59:13PM
I'm about half done my picks
5/3/13 3:03:28PM
It would be nice if we could get enough picks to get all the wagers up
5/3/13 3:19:32PM
Finished mine up last night.
5/3/13 3:42:11PM
You dont even need to finish your picks, just quickly selecting a winner so the odds get up, then going back and fine tuning your picks is a quick way as well.
5/3/13 6:24:17PM
I do like it when I can make wagers, get them in guys!
5/10/13 2:28:13AM
Man, if Benoit/Birchak wasn't on this card, the Hot Bout would be a +2 Underdog Bonus fight. They're 65/35,of the other 7 fights the next closest is 87/13 Would've possibly been the first 28 point Hot Bout(?) for those that nailed the winner/round/method.
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