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7/14/08 2:59:26PM
yeah i agree i dont think he really should get a title shot but i do think it would be a pretty good fight. Cote and Silva would probally stand up and go at it. And cote would probally get submitted or tko'd in the end but i want to see Okami get his shot. And plus silva lost to DQ last time they fought so it would be good fight
7/14/08 5:31:53PM
Cota in my opinion did a great job against someone many people thought would beat him... Cote has been in there with the best of them and has proven that he is a contender..

He is a tough guy and would bring a good fight to Anderson IMO... would love to see him fight for the title.. Cote tried to make the fight interesting, Almeida is more so responsible for the lack of action because Cota was trying to bring it to him on the feet..

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