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7/27/09 8:34:49AM
Jonathan Snowden wrote a piece for MMA Payout suggesting Randy Couture killed Affliction. I disagree with the argument, but everyone should take a look for themselves:

"When Couture retired from the UFC in 2007 while still under contract, it was for two reasons: money and a chance to fight the undisputed world heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko. Affliction risked everything on the Couture-Emelianenko fight, throwing their business relationship with the UFC out the window for the chance to promote what many thought was the biggest heavyweight fight in the world. Couture was all in, or so they thought. The two stood face to face for an Affliction photo shoot to start getting fans excited about the fight, and Couture made an appearance at Affliction’s first PPV show July 19, 2008. It was all in an effort to get people talking about the next show, headlined in theory by the dream fight between the PRIDE and UFC champions. And then Couture stuck the knife in the back..."

7/27/09 11:18:38AM
Jonathan Snowden makes no sense throwing randys name out there for somethng he had little to no control over, ths kind of journalism makes me sick.
7/27/09 11:23:11AM
The very last line in the article sums it up perfectly...

Josh Barnett didn't kill Affliction. Randy Couture didn't kill Affliction. M-1 Global didn't kill Affliction. Affliction killed Affliction.
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